Why TCS? Interview Questions and Apt Answers

why tcs interview questions

Why TCS, A basic and a fundamental interview questions at any TCS job interview. Sometimes for a candidate, it seems to be not an important question. If you think in that way, change your perception as it is a most important question for TCS and that gives a higher chance of getting job offer for you. Prepared to structure the best answer for this interview questions, why TCS.

In this article we share insight for asking this question and other relevant factors. We provide a few example answers that you can modify your own and deliver finely when you asked why TCS interview questions.

why do you really want to join TCS?

You want to join TCS and that’s a good idea. If you want to work for TCS because the company is one of the top companies in the world, well paid salary, career growth and job security that’s ok. But if these are the only reasons, that’s not what TCS wants. Of course, the TCS wants you to grow but while putting your utmost contribution towards the company’s growth.

How would you ensure that you are more interested in companies’ growth? This is why you must get numerous details about the company, its business, people, culture and so on. Deep research is required for this. The result of your research ultimately gives you a clarity on how to answer for the interview questions, why you want to work for TCS.

TCS interview process consists of several rounds and you may come across this ‘why TCS interview questions’ at any moment of time during interview process. Remember, you must bring precision in answering to these above queries while answering why TCS interview questions. Here we have a set of apt answers for your TCS interview

Why TCS Interview Questions and Sample Answers


I’ve seen TCS corporation always indexed as one of the top places to work and grow for an individual and for a professional. I’ve read employee testimonials and heard of your enthusiasm for encouraging worker boom thru training, education, and vast resources. I know that the TCS has the best workplace culture for the employees work here. And this is the one maximum quality that any candidate looks for. I would love to enroll in your revolutionary team, continue to create excellent service, and grow in the organization by the way of getting to know new skills.


First of all, I take this opportunity to thank you for giving me to be interviewed at TCS company. I understand that I am more of a fresher and always looking forward to kickstarting my profession with TCS. I am eagerly wanted to be a part of your corporation’s workforce because it guarantees to be a place wherein the learning curve is brilliant and hard work is recognized. I trust with the right environment at the place of my job, I’ll gain much more than working than developing my skills. This is one of all the largest motives why your corporation tops my priority list. I assure you that I even have the confidence to give my 100% towards my work and bring a noteworthy contribution to TCS.


I want to work at TCS for three reasons. First, I’m attached to TCS because of its policy on employee’s welfare and is one of the core objectives of the company. I like being inspired and pursuing opportunities I identify and it sounds like this policy would enable me to do that. Second, I’m eager to join TCS because of its deep technical culture. I did an Engineering in Computer Science and I know that by joining TCS I’ll be working with colleagues who are as excited as I am about advanced technology. Three, TCS is the world leader in IT consulting. I am sure, the learning opportunity with TCS that I cant expect elsewhere.

Answer #4 simple answer for fresher

TCS is like an ocean and has the countless learning opportunities in the modern-day technologies and practices. Being in TCS might be an extraordinary opportunity to study, grow and explore and deliver my first-class services to the company. Moreover, TCS is one of the leading IT companies in the marketplace and with excellent working environment.

Answer #5

I’m looking for an organization that empowers its employees to be the best professionals they can. “I’m impressed by TCS’s commitment to the growth and development of its employees. In my study, I’ve found that you capitalize on the on-going education of your employees through education compensation, mentorship programs, and onsite training. Besides, you have a great status for leadership in the industry. One of my friends works in TCS and she has applauded this company for its excellent treatment of workforces for years. On the whole, the name TCS, I have been hearing for decades exclusively for people care. This is a company at which I would be privileged to grow my career.

Other important TCS Interview Questions

  • What will you do if you get rejected in this interview?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is TCS, a product based or service-based company?
  • Where do you see yourself after years?
  • Are your comfortable with night shift?
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • Why are you choosing to join TCS?
  • What is your greatest professional achievement?
  • Tell me about a challenge or conflict you’ve faced at work, and how you dealt with it
  • Why should we offer you?
  • Tell me a mistake you made and your learning
  • Any example of your contribution to the company out of your responsibility
  • Why are you leaving your current job?
  • Your unique ways of leading a team? Explain about it
  • What do you want to change from your job?

Final thoughts

TCS regularly hires a huge range of applicants in numerous technical and non-technical domains. So, intense practice is vital to crack the TCS interview. The initial part of interview coaching is knowing the interview questions and getting ready for them. In which, why TCS interview question is an highly important to be prepared. Use this article insights to prepare well.

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