Why Sales? Interview Question and Impressive (example) Answers

Why Sales Interview Question

Why do you prefer a sales job, This is a fundamental question with the many motives in a sales interview. Usually, this question is asked to entry-level to mid-level sales professionals but it’s all up to the interviewer. But the objective behind this interview question is to know, who you are as a salesperson, why did you choose sales, how you could contribute as a sales specialist. I hope, now you might have some idea, this questions is not being asked for the sake of interview but measures you, whether you are someone who could make some reasonable selling deals for the company.

Here we have a few examples which could help you to design your answer to crack the sales interview.

Sample Answer for Freshers for “why are you interested in sales” interview questions

The best salesperson enjoys problem-solving, producing results, the relative independence in the sales profession. But some applicants are interested in the earning latent of the role. When it comes to less experienced candidates, they might not know what they want. Why sales interview question helps to determine whether the applicant is in it for the right reasons.

“I am someone who likes to meet new people and influence them with what they want. At the time when I ought to decide my career path, I found that sales is an apt profession for me. Only where, I could utilize my unique selling skills for the benefit of my employer, customers, and self.

Also, I know, sales professionals are ever needed for companies to make money. So this is an all-time reliable profession for my entire career.”

Sample Answer for experienced sales professionals

“I want to be seen as a sales consultant who guides his clients in buying the best product. I will be able to not recoil from admitting that if I buy a requirement from my client and that I can’t fulfill from the portfolio of my company, I might plow ahead and recommend other suitable products. 

This approach always makes me the primary salesperson whom my client will connect in the future as they’re going to know that I am here to help them. 

I like meeting new people and offering them an answer in terms of a product or service as per their need. I would like to supply my clients the value-added products or services at an equivalent time making it a profitable business for my company.”


A Generic Answer

“Because I love to sale products which make me meet many people in many places. This is the profession that makes me every day is a fresh beginning. This gives me a feeling that I am the owner of the product because I am representing the whole company. Same way, I would like to play a significant role in your company and for that sales is the best opportunity I get. I am sure that am giving surely my 100% efforts and manage to increase your sales”.

Also, this is one of the best professions where I can earn good money as a result of my best performance”.

Who can be a good salesperson?

  • A person who is hard-working, smart, prefers traveling, likes to meet new people, and has the patience to follow up with clients until the deal is done will be able to become a rock-star in the sales field.
  • The sales profession is preferred by extrovert people
  • A person with good interpersonal skills who work in real-time and make relationships with clients
  • Listening cautiously, asking questions to broaden custom solutions, and following-up with clients can assist from the one lone term period promoting relationships. Be an honest and trustable pal for your customers and be capable of reiterate your enthusiasm for sales and its added duties.

Considering these benefits will help to design a better answer for the interview question, why do you want to work in sales?  

  • Sales may be a great field for people that are motivated by money and ready for hard work. A sales role will drive you to grow new and nurture existing business to extend income for yourself and your business.
  • The competencies you analyze and increase in sales can be utilized in different fields and allowing you to tackle new demanding situations. A sales ought to assist you to increase an extensive style of competencies while other careers might make you feel considered or stuck in a selected domain.
  • The maximum essential skill you will ever need for your profession is the capability to get along with different people, sales will train you how to influence humans, win friends and be more pleasant. A sales profession opens new doors in the direction of your preferred career.
  • Good income base, flexible work schedule, dynamic professional improvement, heavy networking, sales perks like lunches, vehicle allowance, etc. These are also notable benefits in a sales career.
  • Sales career have a high-performance culture and put significant value on having fun within the office with inner office contests and incentives to sustain the high energy. If you’re keen on working with people, sales are that the perfect job for you.

Such expressions can validate to the interviewer that you’re zealous and self-motivated.

Final thoughts

Recruiters just want to know, whether you have been one of the most active candidates or not. The mind only on how you could benefit the company and will make the company the maximum amount of money one could bring.

Fortunately, sales are one of those distinct professions where there is a direct association between how much the company earns and your earnings. The more the company benefits from having you on board, the more money you’re making for you.

The organizations are always on the lookout for talented new salespeople. Therefore, anybody looking to get a job must know these facts about the profession to win in their career.

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