Why Google? Interview Question and Example Answers

Why Google Interview Question

Why Google? is an unavoidable interview question at all Google interviews. So, if you have a job interview coming up with Google, they will ask you the question why do you want to work for Google and within this article, we help you answer it correctly.

In this article, we can inform why the interviewer is asking you this question and could give you vital guidelines for answering the why google interview question with self-confidence.

How to answer, why Google-Interview Question

We will give you two impressive example answers to help you prepare for your google job interview. 

So why is the Google hiring manager asking you the question why google. The motive is your answer will determine your eagerness for working at Google and what you already know about the corporation, its products, and its mission.

Let us now give you two really significant tips for answering the ‘why google’ interview question with confidence first. Then moving on to the two example answers. 

Tips to remember while answering

Tip number one – give three genuine reasons why you want to work for Google.

The majority of candidates will give just one answer and they will say, “I want to work for google because it’s a great company. Lots of people have said extraordinary things about you”. This won’t be enough to please the interviewer. You should give them something of substance. So, give them three genuine reasons

Tip number two: Talk about the following four things in your answer. Talk about their history, about their products, their mission, and also talk about their people. The individuals who work for google make it a great organization.

Example answer to the interview question

let us now give you two clever example answers for the ‘why google’ interview question. Here is the first one 

Answer #1

I’d like to work for Google for three main reasons. 

The first reason is based on your hugely impressive history and your track record of achievement. if I am fortunate enough to work here, I will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s daily lives in the work that I do.

The second reason is some of the best products I have and that I use daily are created by google like google search, google maps and google home device. They have all helped make my life easier in

more ways than I can imagine. This means, working at google I will get to work alongside some hugely talented people whom I can both learn from and help to develop more great products for your customers.

The third reason is: Google is absolutely committed to building a diverse workforce and that’s good for me. Communities here are diverse in nature. And, I believe I can only reach my potential at work if I collaborate with a diverse team of people who all have different ideas, views, and opinions”

So that’s really a good answer that you could use to structure your own for your google interview.

Answer #2

Here’s another one that is a slightly different way to answer the why google interview question. This answer is to focus on their priorities as an organization and their culture.

“There are numerous reasons why I want to work for google. first and foremost, the decisions you make as a company are backed by data. This means, you are a company that will continue to be world-class and you will encourage me to use my creativeness to help my team achieve great things. 

Other reasons include the fact you prioritize innovation. Google is constantly moving forward and that makes me feel excited to work here because I enjoy working in a fast-paced

the environment where change is always embraced. 

Finally, having spoken to people who already work at google it is clear you hire people based on both character and skill. I want to work alongside a diverse set of people with different characters and skillsets. Because not only does this make it a fun place to work, it also encourages diversity, creativeness, and progress”

Why this question is important in Google interview?

It is a question behind many reasons but the fact is, it is not being answered the way the interviewer expects. Let’s put it in this way if your answer is focused on money and the credibility that brings you around your society as a Google employee, it does no value to Google. Ultimately, you are irritating the interviewer and make them rethink your candidature. 

They want you to understand their needs and how you could help them. So, your utmost attention should be on their requirements. 

So, make sure you respond to this question really well and that is from the heart. You need to do some preparation on a few topics as follows.

Things to remember

Be Yourself: It’d be beneficial to very well test the job description to determine precisely what Google is looking for, after which see how you accomplish or maybe exceed their needs. Try to have a great experiment of what you may offer to Google as a whole. Ask yourself, “what’s the return I provide to Google on my affiliation?” or “why must I be the man or woman they should hire?”

Know Google: Get to know about all elements of Google. Research them, study all you can, visit their website, and learn more about their employee welfare. After all, when you recognize details about them, their culture, their goals, their products, and their challenges, you are capable to speak about how you match into the job.

Spot your role: Instead of giving the impression that you can be suitable for any jobs they offer, let them understand, your value, and where you could give an extraordinary contribution to the company.  

Know the interviewer: Try to understand your interviewer prior to the interview. Though it is quite hard and off the topic, can add some good essence during the interview. Try LinkedIn to get more details of your interviewer.

Final thoughts

These preparations best not only for the ‘why do you want to join Google’ interview questions but also for any other company. Learn more things about the company, interview process, interview questions, and more relevant topics to ace your interview.

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