Why finance? Interview Questions and an Exact Answers

Why finance Interview Questions

In a highly competitive world, recruiters wish candidates who are obsessive about what they do and can attain higher levels of performance in their field of expertise. This is the purpose behind even the why finance interview questions.

This question allows the interviewer to measure whether finance truly runs in your professional gene. If it does, the prospect that you will achieve satisfactory to excellent heights of performance at the job is more or less guaranteed. Otherwise, if you have a different profession in mind, then your lack of attention and passion will likely cooperate performance. 

This is where you can supply a walkthrough of your resume, showcasing a professional track that movements unavoidably towards domain mastery. Highlight skills, studies, and motivation that attracts you to pursue finance as a profession. Demonstrate your expertise about the industry and why it excites you.

Sample answers for why finance? interview question

General answer

first, let’s discuss a general answer to this question that could work in all scenarios.

I see finance as one of the most important and dynamic instruments that we have in society. And, that we’ve ever created capital itself is the underlying infrastructure for literally everything. Successfully allocated capital can uplift societies and change the world very positively but poorly allocated capital can do the exact opposite. I want to be part of creating solutions that make people and companies successful at the same time. I think finance is the profession to choose if we want to live in a better world and also make money.

Investment sector roles

Why finance (investment sector roles) interview questions and answer

In banking, I have tons of knowledge on understanding transactions, capital markets, and companies in a very short period. This will leave me with a broad skill set to do many different things after just a few years. And, in terms of societal value banks help the business realize the value they’ve created by facilitating competitive transactions and getting those businesses to access liquidity. This has many benefits actually for society. First of all, it can help employees and employers get access which can be life-changing. It can also help the companies to grow themselves by accessing some of the value they’ve created and reinvesting it. Likewise, it can help economies to grow. So those things are all fundamental and positive for society, economies. Thus, the bankers are necessary to facilitate those types of situations. And, I love to work in these areas.

Tips to crack the finance interview

· In all fairness, the interviewer does not want you to glare at him with your passion and knowledge. He just wants to know whether you fit into his criteria for a good candidate. If you do this, you’re already half-way through. Place enough effort to realize what is expected from you. Talk to former applicants who have successfully lifted the interview process. 

· Connect with the interviewer how you make a good candidate, by listing out the criteria and how you fit against them. You should tell the interviewer that you’re not like the previous bunch of candidates but a candidate with a focused and goal-based thought process. 

· Avoid broad-based answers like “Finance is usually challenging. I learn if I work in a highly challenging environment”. Be specific and detailed. Follow-up with a story and a real-life example. Because stories are powerful communication tools and easy to remember. So that the interviewer knows that you’re not someone who’s all talk and no walk. 

· Finally, if and only if, the interviewer seems to be someone who could take a good joke, finish with “Of course, the money in Finance is also great.

· The best advice is “Be the person whom the interviewer wants you to be”. That doesn’t mean you have to be an untruth, but know what portions of you need to be highlighted and what parts need to be avoided.

Other important finance interview questions

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