Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question (A step by step guide)

In this article you will come to know what is P3 Process, what are the preparation methods to answer tell me about yourself interview Question and how to practice and present yourself to impress the interviewer.

How to answer ‘tell me about yourself’ interview question?

Let’s consider, you want to buy a brand-new mobile phone and entering into a mobile phone selling shop. Now, how do you choose the brand-new mobile of your choice? You would look for the below factors such as prize, configuration, appearance, greetings and so on.

As quick as you entered into a shop the salesman greets you and brief you about the specific brand of your demand. Eventually, you will choose the mobile of your choice by the way how the salesman represents the features of the mobile phone which fits your requirements. The point proper right here is, the salesman applied the unique selling proposition that appealed to you to buy the product. The same concept applies here at every job interview too.

Tell Me About Yourself – Interview Question is not all about simply answering yourself but rather selling yourself as a high valued candidate which the interviewer never wants to miss.

Here are the P3 process, an easy step by step guide that you will ever remember.

1. Preparation: The process to make you thorough preparation before practice
2. Practice: An ideal process to push through yourself into a situation and make youready
3. Presentation: The process of how to perform during the interview

Preparation method to answer tell about yourself interview question

Either you are a fresher or experience, giving a job interview is frightening for everyone. Nothing wrong in it because it doesn’t happen often. One may undergo the Job interviews in a frequent of few years or even more. So, getting nervous during a job interview is very common but it can be avoided through the way of proper preparation.

What you need to prepare

• Analyze yourself from the perspective of an interviewer or job requirements such as

• Educational qualification
• Experience (Skip, if the requirement is for fresher)
• Additional skills required for the job
• Your accomplishment
• About the organization
• knowledge about the Job role and position
• Career goal which is aligned with the applied position
• Your professional traits
• Dress code
• Necessary documents such as resume, experience letters, testimonials, etc.…
• The place of work and distance for commutation

This preparation method would bring a fair idea and proceed further.

Make these bullet points as content which consists of one or two paragraphs that can be delivered in 2 to 5 minutes of time frame.

Practicing to answer tell me about yourself interview question

walkthrough step by step in your mind as such you are exactly proceeding with the interview as below

The dress you are wearing:

The dress code you wear which gives the first impression about how serious your commitment level for getting a job.

The way, how you greet the interviewer:

The greetings are the first impression of your voice tone and attitude. So, smile and give a gentle handshake and say, Hi/hello Sir/Madam, please to meet you!

Your body language:

• Keep aware of your eye contact (do not look somewhere else during the interview)

• sit straight with confident. Closed hands-on table while listening and hand gesture while you speak but never touch your head or face during the discussion.

• Do rehearse your own customized “tell me about yourself” content

Tell me about yourself – example answer for Fresher
My name is Dinesh. I have studied hard and acquired my engineering graduation with first-class grade passed out the year 2019. I have internship experience as a Tech Support with XYZ company and highly passionate about this profession and chose to pursue
my career.

I have also undergone professional training in JavaScript, SQL, etc., to develop my skills to contribute to the industry and build a better career. Through various channels, I have cultured with abilities on hard work, integrity, teamwork, self-motivation and be more professional. (about the hobbies and family is optional or answer if the interviewer asked)

Tell me about yourself – example answer for experienced
I am Dinesh with 7 years of professional experience in Java Programming with gaming app development specialization. Presently associated with XYZ company as a team leader. Previously I had been passionately associated with (mentioned previous employer). With my ability and team, I completed five major projects which yielded additional profits to our organization and goodwill from clients to offer more business. As a team lead, I am always more focused to cultivate my team to perform their best with their interests.

• It is more important that you shouldn’t just throw the memorized sentence but be natural and lively

• Remember the time constrain even while practice. The content of “Tell me about yourself” shouldn’t be more than 2 to 5 minutes.


This is the part you have to go live followed the preceding process of preparation and practice. First,


Remember, the more you relax the better you perform. Before starting from home, do some meditation or listen to music or whatever that makes you feel sooth.

Be confident:

Certainly, you would have gained the confidence to some extent if you were well prepared and practiced the preceding points. Moreover, confidence comes from within the way of developing your self-esteem. Be enthusiastic that you get an opportunity to tell about yourself.


Do not rush while the interviewer is talking. Listening is one of the most important qualities that every employer wants.
• Smile: A simple but powerful quality to impress anyone though you have other back locks. But don’t over a smile that may lead to unnecessary impression about your personality

Proceed with poise

It is all about communication with clarity in points. Ultimately, share about yourself clearly but only what is necessary.

More info’s

Different ways of asking to Tell about yourself question

Not necessarily the interviewer to ask only “tell me about yourself”. They may ask even as follows
• Brief about yourself
• Walk me through your resume
• Introduce yourself
• Eager to know about yourself

DO’s and Don’ts of Tell About Yourself Question

  1. Be specific and sure about your points to explain
  2. Highlight your important strengths and accomplishments
  3. Ask questions, if you don’t understand something
  4. Speak naturally, don’t force any new accent
  5. Keep all relevant documents readily available
  1. Do not rush to complete
  2. Don’t tell personal or fabricated stories
  3. Do not share about the family unless asked
  4. Don’t use a mobile phone. Turn it to silent mode or switch off the mobile
  5. Don’t argue with the interviewer
  6. Don’t badmouth your former employers