How to write a professional resignation letter for job (a step by step guide with sample letters)

Article Objective: This article explains how to write a professional resignation letter for job with the contents that to be included with the letter with various sample letters.

Congratulations! Finally, you decided to switch to other job.

Certainly, that would have been a tough decision on moving from a place you had been hanging around for a while. No emotional bonds! As these are part of professional life and you had to obtain it for the betterment of your career goals.

Now it’s time to move on with the professional approach which begins from a proper letter of resignation. Here you have been guided to write a job resignation letter with suitable examples.

How to write job resignation letter step by step?

Similar to any official letter, a resignation letter must also consist of basic ingredients such as subject line, the body of the letter and other usual matters. The following are the best-recommended method to write a pleasing job resignation letter.

  1. Addressee
  2. Subject line
  3. Greetings
  4. A first kind statement
  5. Reason for leaving
  6. Notice period
  7. Date of leaving
  8. Thank you note
  9. Hand over
  10. Wish the organization
  11. Signature salutation

Resignation Letter writing method

letter of resignation from job (step by step method) write like a pro

  1. Addressee

    It is very important to whom you have to send resignation. As a professional, you must know the hierarchical method of your organization. Because it may vary from company to company. For example: in some organizations, any resignation has to be sent to the human resources department and then the same will be informed to respective authorities. Whereas, other companies have the rule that the resignation first sends it to the reporting officer and escalated to the next level. The best way is to know your company policies then proceed.

  2. Greetings

    Resign your job in a good way. Start with a salutation as Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs (Name). Be specific to whom you are addressing the letter. The best practice to avoid generic salutation as “Dear Sir/Madam, To Whom It May Concern”. In organizational culture, it may lead to confusion as no one takes responsibility as the letter is acknowledged.

  3. Subject Line

    Don’t go around; mark your straight forward message over the subject line. Simply write in the subject as “Resignation letter or resigning from my duties or Resignation-(your name & designation)”

  4. A first kind statement

    Either you are moving on a better prospect or a personal reason, quitting from a current position is a mixture of emotions for both aside. So, better start with lots of kindness.
    For example:
    ” It is with great regret to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Marketing Coordinator from XYZ Corp” “I am writing to resign my job role as Marketing Coordinator from XYZ Corp.”

  5. Reason for leaving

    There is no second opinion that you have all the right to quit the job and shift to the other one. However, it’s better to communicate the proper reason for your current employer. Since the reason for leaving is valid this may benefit you as they can’t deny your request. Some of the usual reasons would be “better career opportunity, further academic studies, health issues, personal reasons, shifting of locations, etc”.

  6. Notice Period

    Precisely cite how many days you are going to serve the notice period. Generally, you are bound to serve notice period based on your appointment terms and conditions. The notice period service may vary depends upon position and organization. Carefully read the notice period terms and conditions in your appointment order duly accepted by you.

    It’s better recommended to serve the agreed notice period and have a hassle-free exit. If you are not in a position to serve the entire days of the notice period and want to leave early, better know the consequence and comply accordingly.

  7. Date of leaving

    Mention the last date of your service from your current position. This would provide your employer to seek an alternative source to take care of your job responsibility.

  8. Note of gratitude

    You had been in this organization for a while or quite a long time. It’s time to thank your organization, boss, team, colleagues for the opportunity. Utilize the chance to express your gratitude.
    For example:
    I am thankful for the chance from you and also the team. Thanks for your guidance, support, and care during my service.
    It was an immense pleasure working with you and I meticulously enjoyed and cherished the opportunities I get within the team

  9. Hand over

    Your mind is fixed with the last date of working and excited about taking a new assignment in a different organization. Assume, there you find no one to entrust the existing job role. Don’t you feel unprofessional about the person who was in that position? State you are there to transfer job knowledge to a new joiner.

    For example: I am also ready to help you with any means to make the conversion as smooth as feasible. Please let me know if I can be of support of any kind.

  10. Wish the organization

    Although you are leaving, share your love over to the company by wishing companies mission.
    Thank you once again wishes you all the best, and look forward to staying in touch.

  11. Signature salutation

    So the resignation letter has been drafted nicely. Finish with the proper signature salutation.

Sample Resignation Letter Format’s

• Simple resignation letter
• Job shift resignation
• Short notice due to personal reason
• Further academic studies
• resign by email

Write a Simple letter of resignation

Date: {Mention date}
Name: (writing your name)
Position: (Write your position)
Employee Number: (Write your employee number)
Name: (writing reporting authority name)
Designation: (writing reporting authority designation)
Company Name: (Write company name)
Dear Sir/Madam/Mr/Ms./Mrs. (writing reporting authority name)

Subject: Resignation Letter
I would like to inform you that I resign from my position (position name) at (organization name).
My one month notice period starting from today and my last working day will be on (date)
Please let me know what assistance you will need from me during the transition period.
Thanking You,
(Your Name)
(Your Signature)

Write a Job shifting resignation letter sample

Dear Mr. Siva Kumar,
I’m writing to present my official notice that I’ll be resigning from my role as Marketing Manager for XCL Private Limited on June 17.
I’ve received an offer as Asst. Manager Marketing at a startup firm, and after careful consideration I’m decided to walk around this new path in my career drive.
I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been offered working with you and the team for the past two years. It’s been an amazing experience to work for such a nice company and assist in XCL Private Limited’s objective.
Please let me know if I can be of any support of any kind. Thank you once again wishes you all the best, and look forward to staying in touch.
George Lin

Short notice due to personal reason – letter of resignation sample

Dear Ms. Mruthulani,
Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from my position as Marketing Coordinator at ZYX Private Limited effective immediately.
My sincere apologies for the sudden notice of this announcement, however, due to an unpredicted situation that I had to resign.
I had a great time and enjoyed each moment at ZYX Private Limited. With your guidance and support, the learning I acquired was immense.
I look forward to rejoining in the future if given the opportunity.
Please let me know how I can be assisted during the transition time.
My best wishes for ZYX Private Limited.
Thanks & Regards,

Write a job Resignation letter due to further academic studies – sample

Dear Mr.Trilok Kapadia,
With great regret, I am writing this letter of my resignation from the position of “Marketing Coordinator” at ABC Corp effective 02nd Feb.
The decision was tough but I had to take it as I have decided to proceed on further studies at a foreign soil.
I am certain that the knowledge and skills I gained here at ABC Corp will be a great asset to my whole life.
I would be grateful to you and the entire team. Please let me know if I can be of any help for a better transition.
Thanking You

Email Resignation letter sample

To: [email protected]
Sub: Letter of resignation
Dear Mr. Gangadhar,
I write to inform that I am resigning from the position.
Please accept this email as my formal letter of resignation and relieve me of my duties on or before 15 Feb.
I enjoyed serving with this great organization and it would be a proud tenure of my professional life.
I will serve my notice period as per the norms mentioned in my letter of appointment and assist in the smoother transition.
Wish you all and the company. Please keep in touch.
Yours sincerely
Your Name

Write Resignation letter for a Pharmacist Job

Date: 30-Dec-2019
Name: Dinesh Karan
Position: Pharmacist – Poison Control
Employee Number: AT1201
Name: Ganesh Kumar
Designation: Pharmacist Manager
Company Name: AT Hospitals

Dear Dinesh Karan,
Sub: Resignation Letter
It is with deep regret I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation from my position as Pharmacist – Poison Control.
I have been working with AT Hospital for 5 years and I would say it was such a great tenure of my professional life. Each day I spent here was a fine learning process and memorable.
I had joined here as a trainee and now grown as a high professional pharmacist. The colleagues, doctors, senior pharmacist and every person I associated was shared a huge contribution to my career growth. I thank everyone and everyone.
I’m sincere for the chance that I’ve been presented working with you and the team for the last five years. It’s been a remarkable experience to work for such a nice corporation and support in AT Private Limited objective.
Please inform me know if I want to be need of any kind. Thank you once again wishing you all the best, and I look forward to keeping in touch.

letter of resignation DO’s and Don’ts

• Serve the proper notice period
• Resignation, get it acknowledged
• Complete all your tasks.
• Transfer smooth
• Keep in touch
• Avoid unnecessary day-off during notice period
• Never bad-mouth about the company
• Do not boast the next company

Write a professional letter of resignation, tips to remember

Resigning from a job does not mean to break the relationship between the company, boss or colleagues. It does mean just moving to another place for the sake of some reason. You must be more professional when you are leaving and writing a resignation letter. Because it’s all about building the network and gather references for future job opportunities.
The following traits are important while drafting a resignation letter

• Make it friendly:

No matter but anyhow you decided to leave. There is no point in blaming or showing disrespect to someone you associated with. Write a friendly letter that demonstrates your positive character. Never give a chance that spoils your kindness.

• Make it apparent and concise:

Consider writing straight forward information to the receiver with the short notes. At the same time, give them time to hire a new person as a replacement for your position.

• Assure your support even post-resignation:

This is how your character stands out as an employee. Give assurance that you would be in contact in case of any doubts or assistance even after resignation. Offer full support during the transition period. Provide alternative contact details to reach your immediate.

• Company assets:

Never forget to submit all company assets to the right authorities and get it acknowledged. Reassure things like a laptop, stationeries, documents, files, etc are handed over without fail.

• No due/ relieving letter:

Usually the companies would be having the practice of giving no due letter to the resigning employee certifying that he/she doesn’t have any dues to the company and free to leave.

resignation letter do's and dont's

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