A decade ago, remote work was the least option for employers during the recruitment process. They didn’t even know what is remote work concept is all about.

For the past of years, with the rapid technological growth made the remote working is possible as equal as working at the office. Many organizations have adopted the remote working idea wherever they find difficulty in productivity due to the shortage of the right manpower and choose to recruit talents anywhere around the world to fill that gap.

The sudden blow of the COVID 19 pandemic, surged the remote job is an unavoidable occurrence to many sectors they were not even thought of engaging their businesses in the method of remote work from home concept.

Thanks to technology for making at least some businesses to be operational over by the remote working method.

To make you clearer, we bring every factor of remote working with great detail in this article


In simple terms, the remote work is the work that you can do from anywhere in the world regardless of country, city, and time zone. Therefore you don’t require to commute office premise and sit on a cubic designated for you, and work for a continuous 8 to 10 hours a day. Instead, set up your home office beside the balcony and report to the manager on projects or find a coffee shop, sit back relaxed with your laptop, sip a coffee and proceed on your office tasks. Whatever, the GOAL FOR WORKING REMOTELY IS “THE WORK IS DONE”.

Remote work brings to an end to many traditional questions such as why are you late? What have you done today? Why no proper dress code? And so on but, provides loads of convenience to both the employer and employees. Thanks to technology which made remote working is possible for many sectors.

Other terms used for remote work

  • Work from home (WFH)
  • Telecommute also called as (telework)

Though all these terms have a similar meaning but have a slight difference in understanding.

What is the different between remote work and work from home job?

The Work from Home job would be understood as remote work but, all the remote works are not a work from home.

For instance, if you see a work from home job listing in a job portal for a position of Project Manager, it doesn’t literally mean you have to execute the job only from home but can be from anywhere either from a co-working office space or a coffee shop.

What is a Telecommute job?

Telecommute is a term that means performing your job role by making use of the Internet, email, and telephone. Telecommute generally understood as you live in the same city where your central office is located. You carry out the task from home and report to the office occasionally if required (for instance, once in a week).

Ultimately both work from home and Telecommute jobs are brought within the scope of the term REMOTE WORK.

Types of remote work

  • Fully remote job
  • Part-time or freelance remote job
  • Flexible job schedule

Fully Remote work:  

If you are a job seeker of remote jobs you might have seen this term Fully Remote Job or 100% remote work in a job board. Fully remote means, the employer gives full freedom to work from anywhere and not required to come to their central office.

Part-time or freelance remote job: 

Let’s say for example, you work for the company as a part-time freelancer from home. Technically, you are not a direct employee of the company but render your service and receive the fee for the work you have done.

Flexible job schedule:

You work for a company with a mutual agreement with your work hours depending on your schedule and do your duties sticking with an agreement. Remember, the flexible job schedule is all about the work hours not the place of work. It can be either from home or somewhere outside or at the office. Put it in this way, in all remote jobs you can bring a flexible job schedule but all flex jobs don’t allow you to work remotely.

How effective is remote working?

The remote work is already embraced by many companies. The companies literally push some percentage of employees to work from home. The practice became forceful from COVID 19 outbreak.

A survey says the remote workers invest more time in their work than they are working at the office. Another survey says over 70% of remote workers report better productivity.

The remote work is beneficial in many ways to the organization and the worker as well. The verdict is the remote work, works well.

Can remote work be permanent? Analyzing pros and cons

So now you know a bit more about what remote work is all about. Hence, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of remote work from home jobs.

Pros / Advantages of remote work


Simply the big benefit of working remotely is flexible in all terms that furnished in the following points.


You don’t require to be relying on someone’s schedule all the time. You can make your schedule and get the work done without being forced by any of your superior.

Make your dress code policy

Have you heard the term “dress code policy”? The country like India with bosses with traditional practices, you can see the following conditions in dress code…”No torn jeans, No skirt, No beard, etc…” it is a terrific atmosphere for those young professionals who love to be trendy. In remote working, you don’t bother the dress code the company holds but write your own dress code policy.

A tiny commute

A tiny commute meansyou commute from the living room to your home office. And, you can switch your office anywhere around immediately near the park, beach or the coffee shop.

Choose where you could really live: you don’t require residing the place for the sake of staying close to the office. Remote work gives an option to really live not just for staying.


Free to take Break: 

You are free to take a break even in the middle hectic workload. No boss micromanages you.

Paranoid free

When surfing the internet for an official purpose, you might have experienced that you are being watched by your boss. In remote working, you will experience the paranoid free atmosphere. 

Your office, your mood

Working remotely gives you the freedom to set your own office at home. You can have anything crazy over there and enjoy being surrounded by the things that you love. You can listen to soothing music while replying to your boss’s email.

Home food

You are free to have fresh hot home food instead of using the sober office canteen or the outside restaurant. This way you save money and maintain good health.

The meeting, events, and office politics

With working remotely, you can avoid unnecessary meetings where the boss shares his/her repeated stories; avoid events that have no value to your profile, internal politics of coworkers and useless gossips. 

Cons of remote work

Being lonely

If you are a person who loves to be around people, the remote working might not be work for you. Certainly, you will be feeling lonely because every time you can’t call your neighbor or colleague to kill your isolation.

Highly responsible

Since you have taken up remote work, which will make you highly responsible for the task by default and you may not have immediate support from the team. Sometimes, the tasks seem to be higher than your capacity but have to be done anyways. It gives an insecure sense for the professionals who are at the beginner stage.

Fully rely on technology

Technology fails many times more importantly during the crucial mission. An on-site associate doesn’t understand the pain but simply puts the word as “you will be answered”. Neither of you knows, when it will be. You will eventually be blamed for delaying the project.

You are rarely noticed

At times you will be forgotten by others to connect you for an important meeting or an event. Even by the group emails.

At the office, you will be noticed somehow and recognized, if you work late at night after the office hours. Working remotely at your home, your hard work, and commitments towards work are hardly noticed by the management despite your spend in excess to scheduled office hours.

Miss your network

Mostly miss the network, fun with the team, get together, short breaks at the cafeteria, a colleague’s poor jokes, imitating boss, live training sessions, an office atmosphere, a friend while commuting to the office and so on. You miss all these beautiful instances while working remotely

Tough to gain trust 

Let’s say for an example, you have been doing a particular task for an hour and the file got crashed, unfortunately. Would you think the boss believe you? Nope. It is a matter of trust that tough to develop while working remotely.

Communication gap

Imagine, you have been talking with a client and the message he conveyed that you couldn’t understand due to poor internet. But the client doesn’t have the patience to stay online explain once again.

In the same situation at the office, you could immediately have explained the situation to the boss and get things done differently.

Online Meeting a horrible task

No matter whether the meeting is short or long; a meeting is a meeting. And that too with online zoom meeting is an unbearable task. Zoom makes a short meeting as a long meeting; and the long meeting turns to so long meeting. You know what I mean if you have experience.

More workload

It is a widespread grievance of the remote working community that they have been forced to work regardless of scheduled work hours. The boss or anyone can call you to connect immediately and work for an assignment.

Not all the organizations impose this unwritten rule but it is there prevalent.

Personal distraction

“You would be working seriously to complete a task with the timeline. At your entrance door hear the calling and you see a stranger who supposed to visit the neighbor but mistakenly visits your home. After directed him to respective place now returned your work place but forgot something important”

This is one simple example but there are many distractions you might experience while working remotely if isn’t set properly.

Unstable job security: No matter what big company you work but the job security is purely based on your work performance anyways.

Being a remote working professional you can’t immediately know the employer’s business progress to update your skill with the required areas.

The business organization may void you when your type of skill is not required for the business.

In smaller companies, the employees who work at the office are safer than the remote worker during the recession. Because those workers at the office have somehow gained emotional bondage with the deciding authorities that might consider them to keep last at the downsizing list.

COVID 19 and Unprepared Remote Workers

In the current situation, working remotely, it may seem to be coffee at home while on the job. Some employers pleased out of the output of remote working. The fellow employees too embraced the change but the fact is most of the associates yet not prepared for the FULLY REMOTE WORK.

It has been put in force on those professionals who love to be at office culture and execute the work beside a tiny chat with their teammates.

Business organizations have prepared to operate the business in a fully remote mode but the working community is yet to be ready for the sudden change. For many techies, it is acceptable, only if it is temporary. 

How do I get remote to work?

It was tough finding remote jobs some years ago. But now, the continuous demand for remote workers influenced to arise many remote job websites on the race.

Besides, the general websites also marking a separate category to display remote jobs listing. In Google, you can find hundreds of job sites that focus on the keyword of “remote work or remote jobs”.

Hence, here we have compiled a list of ten top websites which are an exclusive job site for remote jobs.

Oops, it’s Monday again tomorrow! An annoying thought I used to experience every Sunday before sleep. The big commute, bothersome boss, and frustrating workload, nowhere I could escape from these sufferings. 

Every time I try to set free myself, the monthly regular bills pull me back to the same boat again for the sake of my financial commitments. 

This was a case before I found my remote job a few years back. Now, I am glad about my professional life with comfort at my home. 

The statement shared by one of my friends sometimes back and that’s an absolute fact.

Top websites to find the best remote work opportunities

We Work Remotely


WWR is one of the largest and first remote jobs boards in the world. Claiming to have 2.5 million monthly visitors using the site to comply with their needs on finding remote working talents and landing remote job opportunities. The site has segments of pages including categorized job listings, job posting, blogs, and community page to support various remote working queries.

Skip the Drive


Skip the Drive, the name expels the intention that the website holds. The site with its simplified method, it’s easy to find remote and work from home jobs in the related field. The search filters are working extremely fine showing relevant job results.



Remote.co is a steadfast job website for the companies looking to hire reliable remote workers. It has a good result oriented job listing what the remote job seekers actually want. There are also various vast resources of the Q&A board for remote job seekers and employers, by a supportive community with standard content around how to land your dream job. Remote.co’s has handy search features that allow you to browse jobs in various remote working categories. 



Jobspresso. A free remote jobs website that has a manual reviewing method of each job posted on the site. The featured listing that stands out your job posted among the crowded jobs advertised here on this site. You can find various jobs listed with the categories that include, Marketing, customer service, Software development, content writing, and more. You can put your autopilot job search and get updates on a daily basis



Remote.ok. carry tons of well-paid remote jobs listings which include sales, marketing, writers, developers, designers, engineers, and more. The site has some interesting data’s about the top company’s hiring remote workers, trending remote jobs with the statistics. 

Dynamite Jobs.


Dynamite Jobs. A good site for digital nomads and the best free remote jobs site across diverse sectors. A well-curated remote jobs site developed by the team of Dynamite Circle community. With its free job posting options, the site pulls many useful real-time remote jobs for job seekers. A fine job site to find remote jobs from smaller companies, startup updated weekly basis.



AngelList: A remarkable platform to find remote jobs from startups. If you are a techie with relevant experience you will find suitable opportunities from many tech startups. Plenty of startup remote jobs with the fine filter on work, salary, and more. Many startups using AngelList to build their team and keep growing. AngelList maintains great privacy of its viewers’ job searching without knowing their current employer or third-party recruiters.

Virtual Vacations


Virtual Vacations a USA based remote jobs premium website with 3500+ authentic jobs added every week. With its filter options of career level and time zone filter, job seekers discover a better job search experience. Premium plans start with payment options whereas you can apply a limited number of jobs with its free version.



Flexjobs. Whether you are concerned in flexible schedule jobs, remote jobs, or freelance jobs, the Flexjobs dig for the right job for you. The site provides much more efficient than the other low-quality websites on searching remote jobs. With powerful filters, all career levels for remote work, the site discharges 800+ legit jobs each week. A quality job board with plenty of remote, part-time, and more flexible job listings.



Indeed. One of the major job sites not only for remote jobs but for almost all category jobs. Many small or local job boards use Indeed as mediator platform to display their job listings to get linked with job seekers. This win-win approach is a huge success to Indeed. Indeed displays over 5000+ remote jobs each week which include full-time remote and part-time remote jobs.

Home career jobs


An emerging work from home / remote jobs websites based in India. A user friendly website categorized by various industries that include, IT, ITES, Data entry, healthcare, customer service and more… The site has fine filtering options that is easier for job seeker to search the right job


Why is remote working Important?

According to a survey by Economic Times – six out of ten HR managers say that their companies will continue to work remotely even after the Covid-19 lockdown is revoked. Another 27% of companies shaped the remote offices to ensure their work communication and employee engagement. The survey also reveals, 23% of HR managers confirm that their organizations investing on tools to equip better remote working operations.

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak pressures the remote work is not an option but a necessity to many industries. According to our analysis, in the current situation, the following are the top Industries that take advantage of remote jobs.

Top industries to find the best remote Jobs

  1. Information Technology
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Customer Service
  4. Education & Teaching
  5. Sales & Marketing
  6. Finance & Accounting
  7. Human Resources

What skills do I need to work remotely?

Certain basic skills you should need if remote work is a mandate in your field of industry. Moreover, remote work is turning as long time idea for many industry even who were working in traditional offices. Good communication particularly sharp listening, computer proficiency, internet accessibility, time management, adaptability, ability to handle work life balance and collaboration are the essential skills you do need to work remotely.

Employer benefits on remote work

Employers realized that close supervision and micromanagement are proved to be unnecessary and the workforce not necessarily available physically for making progressive output. These aspects came to light when ‘remote work’ initiate giving productivity as equal as work from the office.

There are more direct and hidden benefits that employers could possibly receive out of the remote working system. Here, some of the short note about employer benefits on remote working practices.

  1. Savings on office infrastructure and equipment
  2. High availability of talent pool
  3. More employee retention
  4. Excess employee work hour on productivity
  5. No language barrier on region-based businesses
  6. More global business opportunities
  7. Easy to retrench underperforming employees
  8. Able to restrain unnecessary internal office politics
  9. Lesser employee absenteeism
  10. Easy to hire short term employees or freelancers


The remote working has its own likes and dislikes as like any other topic. It’s all purely depending on how it being utilized by the individual and the organizations. Remote work is a matter of fit and commitment by both the employer and employee.

Ultimately, remote work is a wonderful model for economic growth for an entire world if appropriately managed and acknowledged.

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