At the end of reading this article, you will easily be able to analyze the most common reasons for leaving the job. You will also be able to comprehend the better reason that may benefit the purpose of your resignation. Here we have the list of reasons for leaving the job with answers that are acceptable by the employer.

Life’s situation differs due to various reasons. Though we may have well-equipped planning sense – plan changes the way better than planned or poorer. This is similar in our professional life too. When joining a new company, you may think of staying a certain period but a situation on the way may want you to change the track.

In other cases, you might seem to be chosen as an incorrect profession and want to pursue your passion. Thus, the conditions force you to write a resignation letter for your current job. In this article, we give you thorough knowledge on what are the reasons an employee decides to leave the job

An example case story

“John completes his engineering graduation and goes for an interview with a company of his town. The company he was dream to work since he was studying from school. He got selected and joined as a trainee engineer in that very organization. Years passed, he gets reasonable remuneration, hikes and promotions by the way. He manages all the issues within the company and sticks with the company even though he finds many reasons to quit. Trainee engineer to engineer, engineer to senior engineer, then chief engineer and ends his career life by retirement”. Nice story for the employers, right! 

This scenario was usual a couple of decades ago and thus employers had comfortable time on handling manpower without issues. Now the scenario differs…

“John finished the graduation and joins in a company as Jr.engineer, after one year of hard work he realized, the pay that he draws is too less than the market prize and quits the job. Then, John goes to the next job, after six months he finds the boss is unfair and tough to work under him and leaves the job. Then, joins the other company works for 1.5 years. Now, he sees there is a better opportunity at a bigger company, quits again and the story continues…”

This is the reality in current age where the employee finds no big reasons to leave but leaves the job. 

The employer has to be very cautious about handling manpower related matters. Because, the whole business revolves around by the right manpower exist in the right position. An employer must hold their potential employees as long as they could. Knowing the reasons why the employee leaving the job is certainly helpful to retain them.

Here we have highlighted three major reasons for employees leaving the job and that distributed 21 other reasons why the employee leaving the job.

21 List of Reason for Leaving Job

Three major reasons which directs list of 21 sub-reasons of employee leaving job

  1. Career-oriented reasons
  2. Occupation based reasons
  3. Personal reasons 

List of Career-oriented reasons for leaving the job

You have been working for a while in a job that offers average job satisfaction, remuneration, and other benefits. At times it is OK for you but when you see it in the long run; you feel like something goes wrong and must be done for your career growth. Find below the list of career based reasons on why the employee leaving the job.

1. Career opportunity in another company

It is a common reason that the applicant switch to another organization when the present organization doesn’t seem to be a good fit for his chosen career. For example, a candidate has an educational background in Software Engineering whereas he works for a BPO company with reasonable compensation. Fortunately, he gets a job in his desired software field. Now, his reason for leaving the present BPO job is unquestionable. 

2. Further compensations and benefits

The money is the most important resource for survival and to lead a peaceful life. Most people generate money through their occupation and where they spend most of their time in their life. Everyone has commitments and thus we need adequate financial support. When the financial commitments go up, one must think of earning more. If the present occupation doesn’t offer to pay more, no wrong in choosing the job which pays you more for the same work you were doing.  

For instance, you are presently working as an accounts executive in XYZ Company with the monthly salary of Rs.10000/- whereas you got an offer for Rs.15000/-. You see the 50% increase for the same work. Is it not a wise decision to take the offer? 

3. Pursuing passion

You might have landed up the present job due to various situations. You are simply doing the work for the sake of money but the heart doesn’t stick to it. It seems to be a crime for both yourself and the job that you are currently pursuing. In this case, if you are confident enough with your chosen field where your passion exists, it would be a great decision to follow it. A genuine employer certainly accepts this reason for leaving the job.

  • For instance, you are currently working as a Java Developer in a company. Somehow you landed in this profession by the time whereas you are passionate about being a digital marketing entrepreneur. Now you have a valid reason for quitting the job.

4. Opportunity in a renowned company

Everyone as a difference in desires. Some applicant doesn’t for positions even pay, what they looking at are to gain a job from the world-class companies. Those applicants find no reason but secure a job from their desired organizations. For instance, you are working in XYZ Company and you’re desired to be associated with Google or Amazon- you got your reason for leaving from XYZ Company. 

5. Government job opportunity

In India, a common public perception that the government job ever the safest place to work in terms of perks and job security. The people used to leave even from world-class private organizations. Getting a government job is like a dream comes true.            For example, you are an electrical engineer at a renowned company but are trying to be employed in Indian Railways and you are offered as “Electrical Engineer” at Southern Railways. What else you need to wait rather than leaving a job.

List of Occupational reasons for leaving the job

The above-mentioned reasons are the career-based that an applicant opts to leave the company whereas; the applicant doesn’t have any change with the chosen career but deals challenges while performing a duty which might force to leave the job. Here the list of occupational reasons caused to leaving the job

6. Looking for a challenging job

Some individuals don’t want to stick around with the same monotonous job. They would get bored of doing repeated work. These individuals use their creativity and innovations and want to be engaged in a challenging workplace. They leave the present job the time they find an opportunity in their respective.

7. Changes in company policy

An employee found a reason to leave the company when he feels the company policies are unaligned with his expectation or unfair.

For example, an employee serving the company for a few years; he used to get a yearly salary hike. All of a sudden, the company changed its policy as no salary hike but performance incentives. The employee feels disappointed and looks for other opportunities.

8. Workplace internal politics

These internal politics are aggravating and spoiler to organizational growth. The organization might lose a vital employee just because of politics around the company. The top management and human resource department must address the issue on a day to day basis.

9. No recognition and undervalued

An employee can leave the job when he/she feels that his/her contribution is not recognized properly.

For instance, the company may not have the projects for the skills that an employee possesses, in such cases the resource is being used for some other projects which may be irrelevant to the employee skill. In such cases, the employee feels as his skills are undervalued and decide to leave the job.

10. Unstable organization condition

An employee can smell the business endeavors of the company. Being observed in the company’s unstable growth pattern, he would predict his position later in some period. If he feels, the organization found to be drowning; he would proceed to leave the job.

11. No job security

An employee proposes to leave the job when he feels there is no job security. The companies hiring and firing approach to its employees play a vital role. It seems the management sacks people due to various reasons but which impacts other employees the unstable employment condition to the company. It is advisable for management to be transparent to employees with their firing mechanisms to happen fairly.

12. Heavy workload and pressure

This is one major reason most employees prefer to leave the job. As a human being, everyone has a limitation in all aspects which also applies to the job too. When the employee suffers from loads of work, pressure, long hours of duty, too much of work travel he has no option but to choose to leave the job.

13. Lesser growth pattern

An employee can find everything out online. Industry-standard salary, growth pattern by a different organization, and so on. If the organization does not match their offers with industry-standard, an employee switch to the place where he gets better growth. The management has to keep a track of their respective “industry-standard growth patterns” and tweak with their internal policies accordingly.

14. Job transfer

 An organization’s operates business based manpower and their skill needs. Now and then, it necessary to transfer a skilled person to where he/she is required. This method can be a benefit for management but may not be an interesting factor for the employee. 

List of Personal reasons for leaving the job

Apart from career-oriented and work-related reasons an individual opts to leave the job for reasons that occur in personal life too. Most of the time, these reasons are unavoidable and cannot be refused by the employer. The following are the most frequent personal reasons for an employee to leave the job.

15. Health reasons for leaving the job

No one wants to be with ill health but the situation or due to environment even a healthily fit person also falls into bad health. Sometimes, you managed to take care of both your medical treatment and profession, but when it is intolerable and needs to be addressed with the prolonged break, it’s time for the call. You had to decide to leave your job and first care about your health.

16. Permanent Relocation

If you are an HR person you might have heard of this story by the employees as employee saying “we have properties and business in my hometown, and our whole family is planning to relocate and make a peaceful life in our hometown itself”

17. Further studies

An employee may presume better career opportunities if the academic values are added up. Thus, it may proceed to leave a present job and pursue an academic richness.

18. To take care of the family

There are cases, an employee even leaving the job to take care of their family. For example, an employee’s family member gets into illness and needs attention from someone around the clock. If no men available at their family, the person has no option but to quit the job and go for medical assistance.

19. Volunteer retirement

It happens when the person feels it is a time enough to say goodbye to the professional life and take good care of other things that he wanted to pursue for a very long time. 

20. Need time off

This is a rare case that the individual wanted to take a long sabbatical. He might have planned for touring for a couple of months and when the employer denies his leave request he would prefer to leave the job.

21. Longer Commutation to work

Less or more this is a common issue that most of the professional face. The hours of commutation in public transport, traffic jams, squeezed in the crowded train are a crucial part. Hence, you are likely to lose the valuable time that can be spent on your personal needs. This also makes a person leave the job.

reasons for leaving the job

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