Pharmacist CV – How to write (with Sample CVs)

Article Objective: By the end of reading this article, you will be known how to write a Pharmacist CV, types of pharmacy, roles and responsibilities should be added in the Pharmacist CV and sample pharmacist CVs.

Who is a pharmacist?

A qualified medical care professional accredited in an appropriate educational degree and legally certified as a Pharmacist. A pharmacist dispenses the medicines, drugs, vaccines based on prescription by the authorized medical practitioner. Supply regular patient care that guarantees the correctness, efficacy, and safety of the patient’s prescription use.

pharmacist can also be called as followed 

  • Chemist 
  • Medicine Dispenser 
  • Dispensing chemist 
  • Druggist 
  • Pharmaceutical chemist 
  • Pharmacists 
  • Pharmaceutics

pharmacy can also be called in different names as followed 

  • Drug store 
  • Medical shop
  • Medicine cabinet 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Pharmaceutics

Different Types of Pharmacy

Academic pharmacy, Ambulatory care pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, Compounding Pharmacy, Consulting pharmacy, Geriatric pharmacy, Homecare pharmacy, Herbal Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Nuclear Pharmacy, Nutritional support pharmacy, Oncology Pharmacy, Pediatric Pharmacy, Personal pharmacy, Poison control pharmacy, Regulatory pharmacy, Retail Pharmacy…

Pharmacist CV

Major roles of Pharmacist

•    Pharmacists are responsible to check the quality of the medicine supplied to patients.

•    Educate patients about the nature and usage of the medicine

•    Verify the medicine’s expiration and supplied as per local law

•    Ensure the patients are getting the medicines duly prescribed by the authorized medical doctor

•    Ensure the patients not getting any harmful or banned medicines

•    Monitor the medicines are available with the adequate stock

•    Interact with a respective medical practitioner to stock required medicines

•    Update consumption of medicine and validate periodically

•    Get medicinal feedback from the user and share it to the drug supplier and respective doctor

Educational requirements of Pharmacist:

If you want to become a pharmacist you must choose either one of the following education

•    Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm), a four and half year degree plus six months of pharmacy internship.


•    Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm), a two-year degree plus six months of pharmacy internship.

You can also have a masters’ degree in pharmacy to get into research or teaching profession

•    Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) or Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.),

How can a pharmacist write a CV?

Using this simple 4 steps a pharmacist can write a professional CV

Step 1: Resume Summary

let the interviewer know your profile highlights just in a glance. The resume summary is the one takes the recruiter to view your CV in-depth. Make it short and precise in your resume.

Step 2: Educational details:

In pharmacist CV the education does equal important similar to experience. The chances are high if the candidate with relevant pharmaceutical educational background.

Step 3: Key Skills

You will also be expected with other key skills which are vital to be a professional pharmacist. Include your key skills followed by the education details.

Step 4: Professional Experience:

This is a recruiter’s prime area where they look for the details of what they seek. It is better to be added with customized details based on job requirements. You are advised to review the pharmacist job description thoroughly and tweak your CV accordingly.

Pharmacist CV Sample

Below we have furnished the four sample cv for pharmacist.

1.    Clinical Pharmacist CV

2.    Poison Control Pharmacist CV

3.    Industrial Pharmacist CV

4.     Sample Cover Letter for Pharmacist CV

Clinical Pharmacist CV – Sample

Matthew John

254, Jacob mill street, Goa

[email protected]; Mobile: 9659659659

Profile Summary

Over 7 years of Clinical pharmacist experience with outstanding pharmaceutical ability. Impressive educational track record and widespread knowledge of medicines and their applications. Valid pharmacist license with hands-on residential training. Committed pharmacists focused on accuracy to deliver appropriate medicine to the right patients. Attention to detail and safety measures are met with a high standard.

Key Skills

•    Exceptional knowledge of drug management

•    Solid understanding of safety protocols

•    Excellent verbal and written communication skills

•    Notable interpersonal abilities

•    Proficient working knowledge of computers

•    Splendid indulgent of pharmaceutical treatment and direct patient care

•    Fine decision-maker with problem-solving abilities


•    Bachelor of Pharmacy  (B.Pharm) – Apr 2012

Sri Ramachandra Pharmacy College, Chennai

•    Passed Higher Secondary (Chemistry) – Apr 2008

Ayyangar School, Chennai

Professional Experience

Sr. Clinical Pharmacist         Manish Health Care     Apr 2014 to Dec 2019

Clinical Pharmacist        Praba Hospitals        Nov 2012 to Mar 2014

Counsel the patient the best usage of medications

Examine the effectiveness of medications by tracking patient’s health progression

Consult with medical professionals, therapist, physicians on patients needs of medicines that appropriately meets the cure

Acknowledged replenish requests and prescriptions and guarantee that information was precise and absolute.

Developed clinical pharmacy programs according to the guiding principle

evaluated reports of patients to establish the aptness of medication therapy

Received best performer award for the month of Jun’17

Close monitored the supplies and medicinal inventory and restored them appropriately.

Extended valuable medication plans that curtail the risk of side-effects

Invite patient’s clinical experience to work out health troubles through the balanced use of medications.

Poison Control Pharmacist CV – Sample

James Kinvy

101, Lake View Road, Hyderabad, AP

Mobile: 3265989562, Email: [email protected]

Resume Summary

A devoted health care professional with 6 years of Poison Control Pharmacy experience. Adept knowledge of poison control center operational methods and clinical administration. Well-versed in handling poison control substances which include but not limited to medicines, drugs, and vaccines.

Core Competencies

•    Highly capable of operating poison control pharmacy and clinical results.

•    Exceptional interpersonal skills to keep all stakeholders such as healthcare professionals, drug suppliers, and patients are in optimal line.

•    Expertise in mathematics and chemistry and vast knowledge of general medications

•    Proven track record to train students and advice assess the clinical professionals

•    Proficient in MS Office suite and fluent in English communication.

•    Certified and license holder of poison control specialization.

Work Experience

Poison Control Pharmacist,         Bethlehem Medical Foundation, Cochi    Since Oct 17

•    Reply patient’s requests with complete, brief the relevant proposals to apply in terms that are suitable to the calling party’s need or requirement.

•    Obtained relevant and fitting data from the caller to decide the reality of the poisoning occurrence and survey the caller’s degree of comprehension/perspective.

•    Taken action on follow-up calls to review the patient position and modify case management advice as required.

•    Maintained a high degree of rapport with internal and external stakeholders to dissolve toxicology and medical issues.

•    Advice consumers on possible side effects of dispensed poisoning meditations and recommend the optional dosage, storage, and warnings

•    Extended action plans for managing poisonous and harmful chemicals, toxins, or interactions with hazardous drugs.

Poison Control Pharmacist,         Gerphio Hospital, Hubli        Nov 14 to Sep 17

•    Perform training and circulate information on poison deterrence and the toxicity of certain drugs and their mixture

•    Participated in the training sessions facilitated by the Clinical Toxicology Section and the poison control center.

•    Served the best in response to an emergency, prompt attendance to telephone calls and facilitate consultation to the toxicology clinical service.

•    Offered better written and verbal information on case management and clinical information.

•    Based on the reality of the occurrence and the patient’s degree of cognizance, individually decides whether the poisoning occurrence can be dealt with by the Poison control center or the patient ought to be seen by a medical expert.

•    Researched various medical works of literature, case histories and consulted appropriate medical professionals to disseminate proper treatment methods that are fit by medically and economically.


•    Bachelor of Pharmacy – Apr 2013, Anjugam College of Pharmacy, Tiruvarur

•    Diploma in Poison Control – Apr 2014, Victor College of Pharmacy, Chennai

Industrial Pharmacist CV – Sample

Mark Paul

Jamiers Road, Pune

Mobile: 9696969696, Email: [email protected]

Career Summary

A diversified healthcare professional specialized in Industrial Pharmacy with a background of 8 impressive years of experience. Holding an excellent track record as an Industrial Pharmacist with a valid license. Seeking for a challenging role in a reputed medical organization.

Areas of Expertise

•    The higher degree of scientific capability and attention in combat illness and disease. Exceptionally meticulous in analysis and calculation.

•    Acquired education at prestigious medical institutions with the development and testing skills

•    Impressive level of computer skills and practical laboratory knowledge

•    The excellent skill level on verbal and written communication

•    Adept in chemistry and mathematics as well as their application

•    Thorough knowledge of industrial pharmaceutical safety standards, policies and other sets of laws

Professional Experience

Industrial Pharmacist                 Gesoc, Lucknow            Since Jan 12

•    Served in developing and discovering safe and effective medicines. Involved at different stages of the process which includes research, production, development, quality check, clinical trials, marketing, and drug legal registration process.

•    Actively participated in process and performance improvement on existing medicines.

•    Developed a high degree of relationship with biotechnologists, biochemists, pharmacologists, chemical engineers, statisticians, and toxicologists.

•    The vast experience of the study of various diseases, and its effect on the human body and testing of thousands of chemical substances to validate the right medicine for the disease.

•    Practical knowledge to decide the form of medicine such as liquid, injection, ointment, and tablet.

•    Responsible to work closely with doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to ascertain medicine performance and get feedback.

•    Involved in four stages of testing – test on volunteers, test on a small number of patients, test on a large number of patients and available to the market.

•    Performed in high technology to gauge, plan, and test medications.

•    Worked together with team members in the development of innovative medicines for the company.

•    Supervise team duties and stick to firm deadlines and standards for safety and quality.

•    Research and conduct testing on human diseases and how to care and prevent them

•    Established ideal evaluation scores concerning safety, correctness, and general performance on a habitual basis.


Bachelor of Pharmacy,     Apex Pharmacy Institute – Apr 2011

Sample Cover Letter for Pharmacist CV

Dinesh Kurana

Omega Medical Foundation                        Dinesh Kurana



Date: 4 January 2018

Sub: Application for the position of Pharmacist

Dear Hiring Manager,

With great excitement, I am writing to you regarding the job opening of Pharmacist at your esteem organization. I have noticed your advertisement in a local newspaper that is scripted as the Omega Medical Foundation requires a few pharmacists with professional background and experience. I have also seen a job requirement that exactly matches my candidacy and I am glad about it.

I have seven years of professional experience in two major iconic companies of this industry which offered me to gain a piece of extensive knowledge on my passionate profession as a pharmacist. I possess a strong track record of consistently serving personalized service to customers, run an efficient pharmacy with minimal administrative errors.

My professional abilities include but not limited to Pharmaceutical storage awareness, Understanding of FDA drug safety guidelines, Extensive medical terminology knowledge, HIPAA trained, Medicare and Medicaid.

In this tenure of my service, I have marked remarkable contributions to my employer and the industry. Some of the achievement highlights marked herewith 

With this note, I submit my Pharmacist CV for your kind review and anticipating a favorable call from your end.


Dinesh Kurana

A sample pharmacist Interview Questions with answers

Consider, you submitted your pharmacist CV to the employer and your resume has been shortlisted for the interview. The game of the interview begins now. Your minimal level of interview preparation specifically preparation on technical questions would help you a lot.  Here we help you out with sample pharmacist interview questions to draw a guideline.

Interview Questions

1.    A light of which color is used to treat neonatal jaundice?

Answer:     Blue light

2.    Which one of the following is infectious Hepatitis?

Answer:     Hepatitis – A

3.    Which one of the vaccination is a necessary pregnant lady?

Answer:    Tetanus

4.    The first stool of neonate is called?

Answer:    Meconium

5.    Thalassemia is congenital?

Answer:    Blood Disorder

6.    Which one of the following blood groups is a universal recipient?

Answer:    AB (Blood Group)

7.    What is the general side effect of penicillin injection?

Answer:    Rashes with itching

8.    What is the use of the Snellen chart?

Answer:    To measure the vision

9.    What is the largest nerve in the human body?

Answer:    Sciatic nerve

10.    Paracetamol is not given to those patients already suffering from__________?

Answer:    Liver Disorder


In this article we have covered the definition of a pharmacist, roles and responsibilities of the pharmacist, pharmacist cv samples, simple method of writing Pharmacist Resume, writing cover letter for pharmacist job application and sample pharmacist interview questions.

We hope you gained some good knowledge through this article. Thank you.

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