We all want to earn some extra money and we also know online jobs are one easy way to make some cash but, much of us really not aware of what are the free online Jobs available for beginners also professionals. In this article we have break down 26 online jobs that require no investment and no big skills yet suitable for beginners to start online jobs for free . These jobs you can work as full time, part time and as a freelancer.


Ad Posting Job

Ad posting job is one of the widely known online job from home that operate by the freelance working community. It is an easy data entry free online job that can be done by any beginners who has a basic computer and internet familiarity.  As the name indicates, you collect the small print of a specific promotional material and post them into different classified sites. The classified sites can be of free or paid sites based on job provider’s demand. It is one of the simple part-time online jobs for students and others want to make some extra income.

Online Ads Viewing Job

Ads Viewing Job also called as Ads Watching Job or an Ads Clicking Job. Ads Viewing Job is a kind of home-based online job that you can earn money just by viewing the ads on different websites. Means, internet users visit the given websites and watch advertisements. Based on websites payment terms you will be paid for watching these ads. There are plenty of websites which offers ads viewing jobs opportunity to make income.

CAPTCHA Entry job

The term CAPTCHA is a familiar term to almost every internet users. When you visit a website, you will see an automated challenge in the form of letters or math or an images. You will have to solve this quick challenge to ascertain that you are a human. It is a simple website security process for restrain spam robot entries.

The expansion of CAPTCHA is – Completely Automated Public Turning test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

CAPTCHA entry job is a simple free work from home online jobs for beginners. The CAPTCHA entry work don’t offer big money but you can make some decent bucks based on your speed and quality of work.

There are many websites that provide CAPTCHA entry work to start for free. Whereas, some website claims registration fee which you must avoid.

There are some genuine websites to begin your CAPTCHA typing online job from home.

Copy Paste Online Job from Home

Data reordering jobs become regular in the business world. Converting the information from one framework to another is a necessary for a fine documentation. Reordering work requires the copy and pasting of data’s so the need for copy-pastes jobs is thriving. Here you need to copy and paste sections, substance, and information also in the different document types. So it is an effortless free online jobs for beginners those wanted makes extra cash. View more details

Online Data Entry Typing Jobs

If you are looking for a flexible part-time online job and that doesn’t involve talking over the phone, data entry typing jobs are the best option. The large number of business enterprises engaging fulltime, part-time, and freelancers to perform their data entry typing online job stuff. They also outsource the agencies that are specialized in the data conversion process.

Data entry online job is a simple way of transferring data from one source into another using computer.  The data entry job helps many individuals who don’t have a big educational qualification. The maximum requirement is a computer with good typing speed and fair English reading skills.

Online Email Marketing Job

Email marketing is one of the simple ways of a digital marketing method for business promotion. It is a simple but an efficient method for customer acquisition. This is because most of the small businesses preferred to implement email marketing strategies.

The constant increase in email marketing requires more email marketing professionals. The main role of email marketers includes operating successful email marketing campaigns, creating newsletters, and email database. The objective is to reach customers through emails and tell them about the products and services.

Online Email Marketing Job Responsibilities

  • Identify the target market and grow email database
  • Design and implement direct email selling campaigns
  • Proofread emails grammar, spelling and the message clarity
  • Ensure mobile-friendly email templates
  • Create email databases for lead generation
  • Analyze campaign performance and recommend enhancements
  • Report on sales revenue generated from email selling efforts
  • Ensure emails follow business policies and best practices

Email Processing Job or Email Sending Job

Email processing is a lazy work that better be considered for a part-time online job. Because the result or the earnings does not depend upon the amount of work you do. Means, once you register with the email processing job provider, they will send you hundreds of prewritten emails that consist of product selling contents. As an email processor, you have to process the emails means, forward to numerous email addresses.

Most of these emails will not be responded by readers because usually, these email lands to spam inbox. In a rare case, the user clicks and purchases the product and that leads to making your income.

Although there are genuine companies offer emails processing online job, you must be cautious about the scammers.

Email Reading Online Job from Home

Do you believe that earning could be possible just by reading emails? Of course, yes.  Through internet it is possible and beginners are free to make decent income through email reading online jobs from home. 

As we all know, the big companies spending huge money on advertising their products and services. They want the real public to see their products online. The digital advertising agencies utilize these opportunity to show their products in various digital advertising forms.

Digital Ad agencies will send you the company sponsored email. These emails will have the product link by big companies. You have to click and read it for 30 to 60 seconds. The same process you to do it for many emails. You will be paid for the cumulative total time seen for those emails.

If you are interest to earn money online through email reading job, better do upfront research and go with the legit websites.

Online Customer Service Job

If you are a person who loves to listen to others and respond to their queries, the customer service work is the better option to start your online job from home.

As the businesses grow, the management must act fast on solving various queries from customers. The customer service representatives are the key members who directly handle customers to answer their inquiries. The demand is the router for assigning customer service executive to work online from home.

Some Key Responsibilities of CSR

  • Politely respond to all incoming business communications through phone calls, texts, and emails.
  • Categorize, schedule and plan appointments
  • Present general support and administer expectations of customers
  • Build up and preserve client’s database online

Online Research Analyst Job

Every opportunity is vital when comes to business competition. So the organizations are expanding their new business ideas daily. They are highly cautious while launching something new from their scope of business. Therefore, the companies get support from professional ‘research analysts’ and obtain in-depth investigation reports of the specific area.

In this context, the companies need to hire the right person either online or offline. That result, the mounting of freelance online job opportunities for research analysts.

A few Research Analyst Job Role

  • Collect information on competitors, consumers, and market place and consolidate into reports, presentations, and actionable items.
  • Perform valid reliable market research, analyze and compile statistical data with modern as well as traditional methods
  • Apply online market research and catalog findings to databases
  • Make recommendations by interpreting data and formulate reports
  • Supply various competitive analysis of business models, market offerings, market trends, sales and methods of operation

Online Reservations Agent Job

The key role of Reservation Agents is to support customers on their travel plans. The main responsibility includes recommending travel mode, ticket reservation, hotel room booking, car rental service, and suggest local tour packages and to name a few.

A reservation agent must be knowledgeable in their core field because most times customers rely on reservation agents to sort their doubts.

The core skills required for reservation agents are courteously handling reservation inquiries, sound knowledge on attending phone calls, maintaining a cordial relationship with all guests, better computer and data entry experience, and excellent communication in English and regional languages.

Review yourself the above qualities, if deem fit, you are free to commence your online jobs as beginners of reservation agent and make money. Or get trained with the professional institutes to shine in to a reservation agent.

Phone Survey Job Online from Home

Many sectors including fortune 500 companies offer freelancer online job opportunities for Phone Survey applicants. Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, and IT Service industries preferably require the phone survey conductors. You may have excellent outbound phone call work experience but choose not to be with sales then, without investment you can start phone survey online job from home.

As a phone surveyor, you will be calling people who have signed up for companies, inquiring about their product requirements and other related things. Most responders are expecting you to call them with the subject, so as not to be bothered about dealing with annoyed people on the other end of the line.

Online QR Code Generating Job

The initiative behind a QR code is to generate a figure that can be scan by any Smartphone (with a QR code reader function) and convert into something more meaningful.

Earlier, the QR Codes were being used mostly for money transactions in mobile payment apps but, now the QR code usage becomes upraised. It is being used even for sharing an email address, phone number, contact details, URL link, and so on.

QR Code generating offer an online job opportunity to make decent money from home. There are free online resources available for this job. For example, QR code monkey is one of the trusted websites to generate QR codes. And, you can sell these QR codes through other freelancer websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc…

Scrapbooking Job Online

The scrapbooking is a documenting the memories of life in the form of photographs, newspaper clippings, drawings, notes, and other memorabilia details and using a unique way to conserve them into personal stories. The basic idea of scrapbooking is to saving photos in mind to everlasting.

The people may want to scrapbook their photos as the physical document or in digital form. For crafting physical forms, hands-on experience is a need, but the digital-form you have an option to get the help of websites like Canva.

There are plenty of individuals who love to document their memorable photos and looking aid from the expert scrapbooking freelancers online.

Fiverr is one of the best platforms one could start scrapbooking online job from home.

SMS Sending Online Job

SMS is one of the quick reach marketing tools that most companies adopt. The companies use this tool for their business promotion, advertising, discount offers, and more.

SMS Sending Jobs is a simple free Part-time online Jobs for beginners. The job is simply to send text messages to the targeted audience as required by the client. The convenient part of SMS sending job is you can do the work from anywhere like while traveling on a train, in a public place, or at your home.

To this SMS sending job, you don’t need a computer or any special skill. What you need is a mobile phone with data connections. You can also use whatsapp or other similar apps to send your text.

Online Virtual Assistance Job

The need for skillful virtual assistants is growing as work from home has become a necessity for both employers and workers.

People employ virtual assistants often to perform typical tasks include making phone calls, scheduling appointments, managing email accounts, marketing services, maintaining social media accounts, making travel arrangements, etc…

More virtual assistant online job opportunities are emerging for a person with good administrative skills in above-mentioned areas. The individual entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Startups, and Small Business Enterprises preferred to have virtual assistants to manage their schedules. The key benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is the flexibility to pay for just the services they want.

Write Comments online

More comments drive better traffic to a websites or mobile apps. Online products get better sales on positive comments. They also facilitate to build a trend, and comments can help to provide further value to users. There are some websites who pays for comments writing. It is a simple online job from home to make money by writing comments.

Clickable Email Signature Online Job

Adding clickable image signature to an email makes the reader to continue the interaction with the email owner. These email signature looks attractive that one can use elsewhere in social media, website and to name a few. This is the point behind why the people love to make their email catchy. Thus, this became welcome by online job community.

There are tools and websites where you can create a clickable email signature for free to begin your online job from home

Online Survey Job from home

An online survey is one of the most known data-collection methods. Companies usually collect the views from surveyors and in return pay the surveyors by verifying the data. The basic idea of a survey revolves around getting opinions of the public for the ongoing and upcoming projects and services of the companies.

You need to sign up a survey job provider website and answer your opinion on the various topic questions. When you complete the survey, the website will pay you rewards and gifts for your opinion.

Each survey has different payouts. Mostly the payout will be less but intermittent opportunities may offer higher potential earnings.

Online Video Watching Job

Make money online just by watching videos. Sounds great right! But how it works? Influence the largest brands, most recent technologies, and innovative corporations while earning a little extra spending your spare time.

There are companies regularly develop and launch products, software, games, user interface, etc…who wants to launch their products based the need of the people. These companies outsource the tasks to other agencies.

The agencies create short videos (comprising 10-20 minutes) on testing tools and publish them for the public front. As a user your job is to signup these agency websites, watch videos and share your opinions genuinely. You will be paid for the testing and sharing opinion for the product.

Captioning Job Online

Here you have to generate title and captions for an image. Captioning jobs are bit advanced than Captcha entry job. You need to thinks little deeper to make some sense to an image and write a suitable caption. Means, caption you write must justify the images. The captioning jobs are gladly available online, with an advancement of social media platforms.

The job doesn’t require any special skill or education. All you need to have is just a commonsense to understand the image and choosing right caption.

Virtual Receptionist Online Job

Phone inquiries are one of the main sources of business development because a phone call may convert in to a business opportunity. But it is not always possible for an individual entrepreneur to respond to all the phone calls every time. He happened to skip the calls during the hectic work schedule. And, that results in loss of business opportunity. This is where a professional virtual receptionist attends phone calls and leaves the client happy.  

The opportunity for a Virtual Receptionist online job is growing rapidly. There are companies provides trained Virtual Receptionists based on client requirements as it can be for a day or a week or whatever. These companies offer freelancer opportunities to capable candidates who need the virtual receptionist online job from home

Start a Blog

Do you have some good knowledge or information on some niche? And, would you like to give that information to the world? If yes, starting a blog will be a fun for you. The people need of enormous information and their instant solution to get the information is from different blogs written by the subject experts.

Blogging is an independent online job from home for which you need a lot of passion on writing and giving unique information to your audience. There are ways to make some handsome income through blog which you should know if you want to be a successful blogger.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become so accepted that every industry and internet user is aware of it. A strategic marketing approach to make sales and supply notable online revenue.

AM is a recognized advertising model in which businesses give back third-party publishers to drive traffic and produce revenue for their products or services. Publishers are affiliates who will receive a commission when sponsoring other companies’ products.

Simply say, you advertise other’s products on your website or a blog or any other internet source. You will be paid some commission out of sales done.

Affiliate Marketing is an effortless online job where anyone can do without investment but, make sure that you are advertising a good product that is really worth to your viewers.

Logo Design Online Job

If you see the picture of a bitten apple anywhere else, what you get to remember? Obviously your mind takes into Apple iPhone or any of the apple products. Similarly the alphabet ‘G’ ever reminds Google. The Logo is just not a picture or a printed image. Logo’s that talks more about the brand value of a product.

There are companies who need the help of good logo makers and ready to pay for decent money for the quality and memorable logo’s.

The bunch of freelancer websites which bring ton of logo making opportunities. You don’t want to be a professional graphic designer to create a logo. There are free tools available on internet where you can design a logo and free to begin your online jobs from home as beginner or professional.

Online Matchmaker Job

Matchmaker is a growing online job for making love relations. You might have seen some dating apps, blogs, and agencies working for connecting people. The online matchmaker does the back end jobs on collecting individual obligations and connecting the clients as per their relationship requirements. The foremost skill to become a matchmaker is to have a passion for linking people.

The matchmaker is a fun-filled online job from home but where you must be cautious, as it mixed with the emotions of the people.

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