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Product Marketing ManagerFull-time

Company Description

Wolt is a Helsinki-based technology company that provides an online platform for consumers, merchants and couriers. It connects people looking to order food and other goods with people interested in selling and delivering them. To enable this, Wolt develops a wide range of technologies from local logistics to retail software and financial solutions – as well as operating its own grocery stores under the Wolt Market brand. Wolt’s products include Wolt+ (subscription service for customers), Wolt for Work (meal benefits and office deliveries for companies), Wolt Drive (fast last-mile deliveries for merchants) and Wolt Self-Delivery (service for merchant partners with their own delivery staff). Wolt’s mission is to make cities better by empowering and growing local communities. Wolt was founded in 2014 and joined forces with DoorDash in 2022. DoorDash operates in 29 countries today, 25 of which are with the Wolt product and brand.

Working in Product Development at Wolt

At Wolt, we’re about getting things done. You’ll probably enjoy it here if you like taking ownership, developing yourself and being around friendly, humble and ambitious people.

The behind the scenes of Wolt is run by an awesome bunch of over 400+ planners, builders, designers and data crunchers. We call ourselves Product+, as we’re the very core of Wolt’s products, tools and platforms. To build our products, we work in over 40  cross-functional, independent and autonomous teams. Teams are made up of a mix of talented individuals: engineers, designers, data scientists, analysts, and product leads. Each team takes ownership for solving customer problems in the best possible way.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We want to have all sorts of people in our team – people like you and me, and people different from you and me. To be able to work with diverse teammates – when it comes to gender, age, ethnicity, life background, sexual orientation, political views, religion, or any other personal trait – we consciously aim to offer equal opportunity for everyone to work with us. This is because we believe diverse teams make the most thought-through decisions and build things in the most inclusive way.

Join us today to build Wolt together.

Job Description

We’re looking for an experienced Product Marketing Manager to join and drive Wolt’s product marketing strategy. Our products are at various stages of development: some are still early-stage pilots and others have already achieved product-market-fit and are growing exponentially. As an illustration, Wolt Delivery gives any merchant the opportunity to benefit from Wolt’s ultra fast delivery capabilities outside of our platform. Yes, your corner bookstore could now be delivering to its customers in just a few minutes! Demand for the service is skyrocketing, but we’re just getting started, and the question is: how do we make even more partners aware of the amazing opportunities that this Product offers. This (and many other similar product opportunities) is where you come in.

As Product Marketing Manager, you’ll be working closely with really talented, cool, and kind humans across Wolt’s Product, communications, brand, marketing, and local teams to define the most impactful way to introduce the blissful new services and products we launch on the B2B and B2C sides. In a nutshell, you’ll craft superbly orchestrated launch plans to maximize these products’ initial adoption and long-term success. Strategic and creative thinking will help you make sure that our products effectively sell themselves. Your ability to communicate how these services make our users’ lives better (and, frankly, so much more exciting) will help us scale and grow to new heights.

What you will be doing:

  • Establish the product marketing domain at Wolt. Yeah, quite the responsibility…
  • Articulate our product positioning and define our marketing strategy
  • Act as the voice of our product toward new and existing customers
  • Communicate new features and help plan their rollouts
  • Craft and develop compelling customer success stories, presentations and videos
  • Establish our presence online, including blogs, websites and social media
  • Help our business managers demo and showcase our product to new and existing partners
  • Maintain a calendar of “noteworthy” features to ensure timely heads-up to marketing and PR about any communication needs
  • Collaborate with local marketing teams and PR to develop the message and campaigns



  • Quite a few years of experience from technology product management, technical marketing or product marketing. Frankly, we don’t get stuck on the exact number, but we’ll expect you to bring relevant baggage.
  • Master’s degree in marketing, business, technology or equivalent work experience could be a big plus. But open to be convinced otherwise.
  • Great communication skills: succinct, articulate and persuasive.
  • Demonstrated ability in launching and growing innovative technology products
  • Ability to work in cross-functional teams across Wolt such as product, marketing, comms, and business counterparts
  • The ambition (and ability) to move mountains combined with a big dose of humility (yes, we know you’re out there)


Additional Information

The position will be filled as soon as we find the right person, so make sure to apply as soon as you realize you really, really want to join us!

The compensation will be a negotiable combination of monthly pay and DoorDash RSUs. The latter makes it exceptionally easy to be excited about our company growing and doing well, as you’ll own a piece of the pie.


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