[CC_sales]セールス(CC sales for HONDA)

Job Detail

  • Job ID 370239

Job Description





  • 本田技研工業株式会社殿向けCC製品のセールス
    • 客先へのプロモーション活動、受注活動
    • お見積もり作成(社内プロセスに準ずる)
    • アフターフォロー
  • エンジニアリングチーム・世界各国の工場とのコーディネーション
  • 海外アクイジションの日本におけるカスタマーインターフェース
  • チームの改善活動への積極的な貢献


  • コミュニケーションスキル
  • 言語:日本語(Nativeレベル)・英語
  • 社内外調整・交渉スキル
  • 自分のアサインメント枠にとらわれずにチームの成果を重視できる方




Company Profile

CC is currently BBM’s most profitable division. Among them, JOEM’s position is extremely important, and you will be responsible for sales to Honda Motor Co., Ltd., one of CC’s important customers. We aim to create a win-win situation with our customers while expanding our business by stabilizing our existing business and having them adopt new product groups. In order to achieve this expansion, it is necessary to respond efficiently and flexibly to customer requests, which requires the proper implementation of Bosch’s proud sales management process. We are looking for people who want to take on this challenge together with us, perform on a big stage, and step up.

Job details

[When applying, please attach your resume and work history]

  • Sales of CC products for Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
    • Promotional activities for customers, order-receiving activities
    • Creation of quotation (according to internal process)
    • After-sales follow-up
  • Coordination with engineering teams and factories around the world
  • Customer interface for overseas acquisitions in Japan
  • Actively contribute to team improvement activities


  • communication skills
  • Language: Japanese (Native level)/English
  • Internal and external coordination/negotiation skills
  • Those who can focus on the team’s results without being bound by their own assignments

Other information

Work location: Utsunomiya Terrace (directly connected to Utsunomiya Station)

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