Google Interview Process: Stepping in to a tech giant

The interview process in Google is more or less similar to other big tech companies in the globe. Yet there are some unique things Google adopts in its interview process. This must be known if you are looking for an entry in to a top search engine giant. 

Here we have broken down each stage of the google interview process in detail.  

Stages in Google Interview process

The typical Google interview process consists of five to six stages:

  1. Phone interview by a recruiter
  2. Phone Technical interview (Coding interview)
  3. Project work
  4. On-site interview 
  5. Team matching 
  6. Hiring decisions

Phone interview process by a recruiter

This is an initial round of the interview process at google. The preliminary screening with a recruiter or prospective manager or team member, depending on the position you applied. The interview questions may vary based on the role as a technical or non-technical position. 

If you applied for a non-technical position, the interview questions mostly cover behavioral and role-based case study questions. And take you to the next level of the interview process if done well. 

Technical phone interview 

If you applied for a technical position, you would be taken to a further level of the technical phone interview process. the questions mostly cover basic coding questions followed by a general introductory session. 

In both technical and non-technical phone interviews, the recruiter briefly explains the interview process and your job role at Google. Then, asks you to walk through your resume, education, and personal background.

Google phone interview questions sample

  • How would you handle a tough time at the workplace?
  • What makes a special candidate for the position?
  • Tell us the best contribution in your previous assignment?
  • Explain data structures and algorithms
  • Explain recursions graphs
  • Explain dynamic programming

Interview Tips

  • Be polite and confident
  • Prepare to ask relevant questions
  • Greet at the beginning and show gratitude at the end.
  • Be on time
  • The phone interview was conducted via Google Hangouts so, be well-groomed and set a pleasing atmosphere.
  • Though it is an initial round, don’t take it lightly. Because the recruiter has the right to reject your application in the phone round itself. And, if you passed the phone interview, this would reflect the overall interview result at the Google selection process.

Take-home coding project

If you have done well in the phone interview, you may be assigned to do small project work. The necessity of this round involves some roles. The usual time frame for this round would be of a week time.

Remember to get the project requirements clear before starting it. Ask the key features and how they want it to be as a final product.

On-site interview, an exciting hiring process at Google

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all the onsite interviews are taken to online via Google Hangouts until further notice. Yet the typical google on-site interviews involve several rounds (4-5 depending on job role) 40-50 minutes each. The interviews would be conducted by one or more interviewers.

A typical on-site interview round

  • Front-End Interviews (2 rounds)
  • Coding (2 Rounds) Data Structures & Algorithms Interviews
  • Process & Culture Fit Interview

Coding questions normally achieved on a whiteboard or on a Google Chromebook for a greater proper coding experience. Applicants interviewing for technical roles may be asked to solve issues in real-time, which include whiteboarding design or coding solutions.

At google on-site interview, every candidate is asked to answer an equal set of questions for every position in a bid to standardize the interview process. This is called “structure interviewing”. A proven interview process to find the right candidate by giving equal opportunity. 


  • Frond end interviews are focused to validate your skills in HTML, CSS, JS, UX/Visual Design, and the internet. Prepare well on these technologies.
  • Practice well on data structures, concepts, algorithms (sorting algorithms, searching, tree traversal),to clear data structures & algorithms interviews
  • Keep two or three previous projects in mind. Recollect supportive examples of teamwork, collaboration, and conflict resolution. Acquire knowledge of agile methodology or workflow.

Team matching interview phase

The successful result of your on-site interview takes you to the next team matching phase. In this section, you’ll meet with potential managers and discuss the team you’d be joining and the type of job you will do. If a group desires you, they’ll tell your recruiter and it will likely be brought on your portfolio then be submitted to the hiring committee.

This phase may or may not apply to all roles. It is absolutely depending upon the Google interview process.

Offer decision by hiring committee

The hiring decision would be taken care by the hiring committee comprised of senior Googlers. Your whole performance during the interview process is taken into account by the Google hiring committee. This review period takes a while longer than a few weeks or so. You have to be patient!

Google interviewers submit reports on each candidate in a standard format as prescribed by the interview process. The senior hiring committee reviews the credential of candidates and decides on hiring. Further, it would be forwarded to the compensation team to make an appropriate salary package as per market standard

You will receive an offer letter mentioning the salary, benefits, and other terms and conditions.

The offer letter is subject to hold until the background check is done.

interview process in Google

Additional info

How long is the interview process at Google?

Google interview process takes a while longer than few weeks depending on the job role you applied for. An average time takes up to 4 to 8 weeks.

How many rounds are there in Google interview?

Google interviews consist of 8-9 rounds which involve two phone screenings, one project work, 4-5 rounds of on-site interviews.

Is it hard to get a job at Google?

The hardness of getting a job at Google is marked as average as per Glassdoor interview review. Over 13k job candidates reviewed. The review report says 3.3 rating out of 5 which is an average difficulty rate for a Google interview.

interview process in Google

Final thoughts

The best way to crack google interviews is to prepare and prepare again. Prepare well about the google company, interview questions, interview process, and all related areas. Use this article to know better understanding of the google interview process.  

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