Write impressive follow up email letter after Job Interview (sample letters)

job Interview Follow up email

This article describes the better way of writing Follow up Email Letter after job interview with step by step method and with sample letters.

Going through an interview is not an easy task. The course you underwent pertains to multiple processes such as sending resume, waiting to be shortlisted, receiving call letter, interview preparation and finally done with your interview.

You come out from the job interview venue and the sigh is evidence that the pressure is released. Then, what? The pressure follows until you got your job offer. So your fortune to get the job offer requires yet more efforts by following up on the employer and which most of the candidates ignore to carry out.

A study says that the most employers expect a follow up email Letter after job interview from a job applicant in which only 43% respects the courtesy. Doing this simple process, you have an option to beat about 50% competitions by meeting this simple strategy.

Here you find the complete step by step guide to writing a pleasing follow up letter with samples

Different type of situations to write follow up email letter after job interview

As you completed the job interview, there are various situations why you required writing a follow-up interview letter. The different situations are as follows

Situation 1,  follow up email letter after job interview – Thank you letter: As soon as I completed the job interview, write a thank you note for considering you as one of the suitable candidates. Generally, this type of letter is appreciated to send within 24 hours of the interview is done.

Situation 2, Second follow up email letter after job interview : For example, you ventured your interview 10 days before and sent a subsequent thank you email too. Yet, no sign of communication heard by the employer. It is time you better mark your professional follow up email in this regard.

Situation 3, Third follow up email letter after job interview:  Consider that you haven’t received any response from the employer even after two follow up emails. The situation seems they might already have found their choice of candidate or your profile might not have matched with their criterion.

Situation 4, a letter for thanking telephone interviewNot all the job interviews are conducted face to face. Recruiters rely more on telephonic interviews as they can scrutinize the talents much faster. The follow-up email doesn’t necessarily need to be sent for the initial screening process through the telephonic interview but applied when it has been conducted the detailed telephonic interview after picking you as one of the ideal candidates.

Situation 5, Interview feedback request for non-consideration: You may receive a reply as your candidature has not been considered at this moment. A disappointment, but it happens. Although, you should know why you have not been considered. So that you could correct the mistake and prepare well for your next job interview.

How to write follow up email letter after job interview – step by step

How to write job interview follow up email step by step

  1. Pick the right subject

    Recruiters don’t necessarily have to look at all those emails they receive from a pool of candidates unless they find the one is important. An appropriate subject does this work to happen by its unique and professional subject line.
    Here we have a few example subject lines that will work
    • Interview followup regarding (position name)
    • Thank you for the opportunity and time
    • I had a great time of interview

  2. Greet the interviewer

    Write a personalized emails to everyone you interviewed with. Start with professional greetings (Salutation) Mention as, Dear Hiring Manager (Name)

  3. Body of the letter

    write down the content which showcases your attitude and professionalism. Remember the key points to follow herewith
    • Thank for the opportunity, time and knowledge sharing
    • Mention the job title you attended
    • Recall the anecdotes and highlights points during the discussion
    • State how the position is exactly matched with your profile
    • Share how did you enjoy the throughout the interview
    • Express your eagerness and how excitedly you are waiting to join the company
    • Share your readiness to provide further information
    • Best Regards
    • Name and Contact details

Sample letters

Situation 1, post-interview follow up thank you email (Sample letter 1)

Subject: Thank you for the interview opportunity

Dear Mr.(Hiring Manager Name)

I am (your name), I have attended the interview on (interview date) for the position of (position name). 

Thanks a lot for your time for meeting me and I had a wonderful job interview experience today. After knowing more about the position, I am in real excitement to take up the tasks and join your team.

I strongly believe that my years of experience in the field of (mention the field) would significantly benefit your company towards organization goals, revenue generation, and client relationships.

Please keep me updated on the status of the recruitment process. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Warm regards,

(Your Name & Contact)

Situation 1, post-interview follow up thank you email (Sample letter 2)

Subject: Interview followup regarding

Dear Mr.(Hiring Manager Name)

I am (your name), I have attended the interview on (interview date) for the position of (position name). 

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me about the placement of the Marketing Coordinator position this morning. It became a pride to analyze extra about your innovative strategies, upcoming challenges, core values, and industry insights

The information you provided me about the position satisfied me that the exact activity I wanted to be experienced and one where I ought to make a valued contribution with my competencies and enjoy my marketing expertise and benefit your company.

I am also thinking about what you said regarding the specific issue discussed during the interview as a Marketing Leader how one should manage the crisis is a real inspiration to me.

I am eager to step forward to join your team. Feel free to contact me if you find any information is required by me.

Look forward to hearing back from you soon. Thank you once again.

Best regards,

(Your Name & Contact)

Situation 2, interview follow up email (Sample letter 1)

Subject: Interview followup regarding (Position)

Dear Mr.(Hiring Manager Name)

I just preferred to say thanks again for taking the time out of your busy agenda to speak to me about the Marketing Coordinator position with BCD Company. I just wanted to touch again, because it was so great meeting you at your workplace [date of interview].

 I virtually enjoyed learning better about the placement and the entire discussion we had.

As I stated in my last email, I’m involved to pay great attention to bout your company as its business strategies are highly impressive.

Please feel free to contact me if any more information that will help with your decision making process.


Your name & Contact details

Situation 2, (Sample letter 2)

Subject: Appreciate your time and thanks for the consideration

Dear Mr.(Hiring Manager Name)

It is my pleasure to reaching you once again and express my interest in working for your esteemed organization. 

After the interview, I consider myself as the best fit for the position. With my experience, skills, and knowledge I believe that I could contribute the best fortune to your company. 

I am available if you want me to furnish additional information in this regard.

Thank you once again.

Yours faithfully,

Your name & Contact details

Situation 3, Interview followup email to extend network (Sample letter 1)

Subject: Staying in touch

Dear (Hiring Manager Name)

I hope you’re doing great. I once again thank you for your time and consideration.

I consider, the interview discussion I had with you was a fine knowledge gaining session to me and you are one of the inspiring persons I ever met. 

As a beginner of this field (mention the area), I look for someone like you where I could grab vast knowledge to shine my abilities.

It would be a great opportunity if you could spare 20 minutes of your convenience in the following weeks at the phone of coffee chat.

Thanks Again,

Your name & Contact details

(Sample letter 2)

Subject: Keep in touch 

Dear (Hiring Manager Name)

I consider, the time I had been interviewed by you was a great moment and I thoroughly enjoyed. With your knowledge and professionalism, I found you are the one inspiring personality that I must get connected with. 

As a novice, I seek your guidance on how to outshine in the field of (mention the field) to alleviate my career goals. 

I know you are busy but request you to spare a few minutes over the phone or personal meet at your convenience in the next following weeks.

Thank you once again,

Your name & Contact details

Situation 4, Telephone interview followup email (sample letter 1)

Subject: Telephone Interview regarding (position name)

Dear (Hiring Manager Name)

I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for your interview call and for considering me as one of the matching candidates for the position (write the position name) for your valued organization (company name).

I hope, I did well with a telephone interview and excited to meet you in person. 

Feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Thanks & Regards,

Your name & Contact details

(sample letter 2)

Subject: Thank for the phone Interview (position name)

Dear (Hiring Manager Name)

I am (Your Name) and working as (write your current position). Followed by application, today I received an interview call from you for the position of (write the position).

I thank for your call and the time for having interviewed me as one of the suitable candidates. I am available for the next rounds of interviewed either in person or any other mode of your convenience.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any information from my end.

Look forward to hearing back from you soon

Thanks & Regards, Your name & Contact details

Situation 5, Interview feedback request for non-consideration

Subject: Request on the reason for the rejection

Dear (Hiring Manager Name)

I hope you are doing well. First of all, thank you for your time and consideration of my candidature. It was a great time of the interview I had with you and special thanks for your knowledge sharing during the interview. 

I can understand that you have to take a call on choosing the right candidate, who is the best fit for your requirements. My congratulation on the candidate selected for the position.

I would be thankful if you could share the details, why I haven’t been considered for the position. This piece of your advice would be a great help to improvise my abilities in forthcoming interviews.

Thank you once again.

Best Regards,              

Your name & Contact 

Sample Email after multiple follow-up letter after Interview

In some cases, the hiring supervisor or recruiter will reply in your follow-up e-mail and say they’re still in the middle of the hiring method and don’t have statistics about the following steps yet. At instances, they’ll be precise approximately what they’re running on behind the scenes. For example, they might say that they’re still operating on getting the whole crew together as a set to talk about numerous applicants.

However often, they avoid tell you the specifics.  Either way, I advise responding with a short e-mail to keep the conversation alive and make sure that you stay in contact. By the usage of the following email template, you give yourself a gap to follow up once more if wished, too.

Sample Email Response if Employer Says They Don’t Have Any Status Updates:

Hello <NAME>,

Thank you for the information.

When could be the ideal time for me to test again in?

I’m excited about the next job interview and need to live in contact, however I recognize these items take time so I don’t need to follow-up too often here.

Any records that you could share about the procedure could be splendid.

Thank you,


Sample Email if employer mentioned as they have no exact status

In some instances, the hiring supervisor or recruiter will reply on your follow-up e mail and say they’re nonetheless the center of the hiring process and don’t have exact status of the next steps. At instances, they’ll he specifies what they’re operating on backstage. As an example, they might say that they’re nonetheless running on getting the whole crew collectively as a collection to talk about various applicants.

However frequently, they may not let you know the reason. Either manner, I advocate responding with a quick e-mail to preserve the relationship alive and make sure which you stay in touch. By using the subsequent e mail template, you deliver yourself a gap to follow up once more if wished, too.

Sample Email Response if Employer Says They Don’t Have Any Status Updates:

Hello <NAME>,

Thank you for the data.

When would be the correct time for me to make the communication back?

I’m excited about the possibility and need to stay in touch, but I know these things take time so I don’t want to follow up too frequently right here.

Any facts that you could proportion about the procedure could be outstanding.

Thank you,


The importance of following up

Following up with the people you communicate with for the duration of every level of the hiring procedure suggests that you are grateful and enthusiastic about the position. This will likely help to increase your possibilities of having to the next interview, and in the end receiving a job offer. Writing a email after interview follow up is as the way expressing your enthusiasm about the process, thanking the reader for their time and such as anecdotes from your communique shows strong tender skills. It may even make you an extra memorable candidate as you’ll have had extra communicative touch-factors than those who did no longer send a follow-up message.

Following up after an interview falls into the category of unwritten societal guidelines: even though very few interviewers could ever explicitly inform you to do it, it’s frequently predicted all the equal. For instance, sending a thank-you email after an interview is clearly considered common courtesy. If you fail to achieve this, a recruiter would possibly suppose which you’re cocky or ungrateful.

For every other reason, recruiters are busy professionals. At anyone given time, a recruiter can be coordinating with dozens of applicants to fill the open requisitions they’ve been assigned to. While recruiters are typically employed for his or her organizational abilities and potential to maintain many one-of-a-kind touchpoints without delay, they’re still human, so matters can slip thru the cracks every so often. If you don’t follow them certain substances they want, or remind them that they stated they could follow up with you at a certain time, you may simply get left in the back of.

And subsequently, following up after an interview demonstrates that you’re captivated with the opportunity to hand. And as any recruiter can let you know; this is one among the most important standards they search for in career seekers. Proving that you’re invested in a job and company sign to a recruiter that you would be an amazing hire who could probably stick around for the lengthy period.

Tips to write effective Follow-up email

If you don’t get a response on your emails, follow up one more time. Most humans aren’t ignoring you on cause. They’re definitely busy and your email has probable slipped their views. As long as your kind and well-mannered rather than forceful, these follow-up emails are simple symptoms of your interest and goodwill.

Here are some additional interviews follow-up suggestions you must do not forget when writing your own:

  • If there’s something you forgot to mention or want to problematic on from your interview, this email is an awesome area to say it.
  • Send your follow-up email in 24 hours immediate after interview.
  • Choose the precise duration. More concise is appropriate for maximum cases.
  • Close the letter together with your name and contact details, which includes your telephone and your e-mail.
  • Deliver your follow-up a final edit before you send it. Carefully proofread earlier than you hit send.

Additional tips to consider

Best post-interview follow up mode.

Most of the employers want the candidate to be in touch only in email. Here is the trend of how they expect to be in touch with candidates

When to write the follow-up emails: Generally, It is appreciated to write the first follow up email within 24 hours from the interview is done.

Include the forgotten points: It is a very common human thing that we tend to forget to mention stuff that considerably important. Thank you follow-up email is where you could include the forgotten information.

Proofread. Once again. Remember, your email is an indication to showcase your professional approach. So do not carefree, make a few more attempts, edit, proofread and write the precise one.

How Long Should You Wait After an Interview to Follow Up?

Employers want time to make their decision. However, agencies admire a brief “thank you” earlier than they’ve even made a decision.

In case you haven’t heard feedback from the agency. Or, if the organization supplied an expected date for remarks after the interview, write a follow up email letter after 5 business days. For instance, if the hiring group stated that they would tell you about the next steps in three days of your job interview, wait four days, after which ship a follow-up email letter. This could help you avoid looking too keen and determined. Note that you have to also send a thank-you email in 24 hours of the post interview.

Do’s and Don’ts in interview follow-up email


1. Send a first thank you email immediately after the interview. Generally, within 24 hours is the best practice.

2. Know the professional email etiquette and apply it in your email.

3. Mark appropriate subject line

4. Precisely mention the interview date and time, applied position, interviewer/interviewers name.

5. Be patient and give interviewer the time to reply. One or two week’s gap between each following letter is recommended. 

6. Frequently check your inbox


1. Don’t be too pushy. Sending too many repeated emails or phone calls would rather project you as unprofessional.

2. Don’t mark any negative comments about the organization or interviewer on social media.

3. Don’t wait too long for the reply email rather expands your knowledge and skills to win the next interview.

4. Don’t give up. Work hard to land your dream job.

Follow up Interview preparation methods

Although you have already got knowledge of the company, there are a few additional details to keep in thoughts. Here are some techniques that will help you nail your follow up interview.

  • During follow up interviews, it’s not going for applicants to be asked to work on an undertaking with a crew of personnel or obtain a tour of the office. As you get equipped to your second interview, put together yourself to interact with employees and ask applicable questions about the location.
  • The follow up interview is a 2nd danger to electrify employers. If you absolutely want to knock their socks off, prepare a presentation about a concept you have got for the enterprise. This will show the hiring supervisor you’re genuinely interested in the job.
  • If you haven’t already, that is your risk to get to know the receptionist a little better. When you arrive on your 2nd interview round, don’t hesitate to spark small talk with the receptionist. This communique will make a high-quality impression and assist you research greater about the enterprise.
  • When speaking with the receptionist, there are a few questions you need to ask. For instance, ask how long the organization has been at their vicinity, what the organization culture is like, or what number of employees associated there. These questions will with any luck offer you more details you haven’t but discovered about the business enterprise.
  • Even if you dispatched a thank you notice after the first interview, it’s just as crucial to send one after the second interview. A survey found one out of five employers are less probable to lease a candidate if they don’t send a thank you note after an interview.

FAQ’s Interview Follow-up letter

How long should you wait after an interview to follow up?

No rule says how long you have to wait to write a follow-up letter after an interview. You might have got some information from an interviewer at the end of your interview that they would communicate with you within certain days. Before sending a follow-up email verify whether the mentioned date has been processed. If so, you can write a follow-up email letter

Is a follow up interview a good sign?

Writing a follow up would be a good sign before the eyes of an interviewer.  A study says interview for follow up is an important post-interview process should be carried out by the candidate which has been ignored by most of the job applicants.

What does a follow up interview mean?

An interview follow-up means sharing your curiosity with the interviewer to affiliate your service to the company. Make sure the interview letter contains appropriate words, subjects, and content that are relevant to the job. Make it brief and clear

How do you follow up after a job interview?

Writing an email to the interviewer official email is the proper way of doing follow-up after a job interview. If allowed by the interviewer, you can also connect with the hiring manager through social media such as LinkedIn or another professional way.

How many times should you follow up after an interview?

You can follow-up maximum of three times after an interview. remember to send follow-up emails with proper time gaps. it is recommended to have at least one week gap between each follow-up

What is a follow up interview?

The follow-up interview is a second hazard to impress employers. If you truly need to knock their socks off, put together a presentation which contains a concept or an idea you’ve got for the business improvement. This will show the hiring manager you are sincerely interested in their career opportunity.

What are the top queries to ask an interviewer?

Asking questions of the interviewer suggests that you’re interested in them as a person and that is a top notch manner to build rapport.
• How long have you been with the business enterprise?
• What did you do earlier than this?
• Why did you come to this agency?
• What’s your favorite part of being here?

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