In this article you will have a clear idea of what an HR Associate Job Description is all about and why it is important to know if you are looking for a Human Resource associate job or similar HR jobs.


What is an HR Associate Job?

HR associate is a mid-level category in a human resources profession, also called as HR generalist and HR Executive (in India) based on company practice or hierarchy.

HR Associates are accountable for obtaining, recording, and communicating human resources dealings within the company. These professional are aimed with managing company human resources records and assisting new employees with enrollment procedures and so on.

HR Associate vs HR Assistant

HR associates execute higher-level tasks than HR assistant – while the HR assistant will usually handle clerical tasks. Whereas, HR associate may handle responsibilities as HR generalist such as policy implementation, leading meetings, interviews, similar tasks and making small decisions within their control.

The HR associate is generally reporting to HR Manger and taking care part of jobs that comes under the HR manager job description.

HR Associate Roles & Responsibilities:

•             Communicating with potential job applicants.

•             Contacting candidate references and verifying academics records.

•             Managing HR statistics consisting of résumés, applicant logs, and worker forms.

•             Issuing employment contracts and verifying records before on boarding

•             Issuing new personnel with enrollment documents.

•             Conducting worker orientations.

•             Explaining employee benefits.

•             Responding to HR-associated queries within the enterprise.

•             Maintaining employee confidentiality.

HR Associate Skills and job Requirements:

•             Education: BA/BS in business, human sources, organizational management or related discipline is needed

•             Three years professional experience in company HR practices

•             Working knowledge on MS office and HR software

•             Ability to hold employee confidentiality

•             Superior interest to detail

•             Ability to multitask and work with minimal supervision

•             Exceptional verbal and written communiqué talents


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