Want to be an Apple Employee? Tricks Disclosed Here…

The tech giant believes, an innovation is the key and that comes from everyone and every role at apple. Same manner, Apple doesn’t look for only a skilled team member but also a person who could innovate, collaborate, and learn continuously to contribute better. If you have a question as how to get a job with apple, scan yourself whether you hold these basic qualifications to get hired at apple.

“We bring amazing people together to make amazing things happen”. The words you can see at the beginning of apple’s career page. And, this is what they seek from an applicant during Apple’s hiring process.

How to get a job with Apple

How to get a job with Apple?

Apple already has 145k+ employees and 600+ job openings in its job site at present. The world’s 2nd largest tech company hires peoples for huge number of positions globally for its different teams and products & services. Prior to know how to get a job at apple, as an applicant, you should be aware of the teams, products and services at apple company has for hiring.

What are the various teams, Apple hiring for applicants?

Machine Learning and AI

  • Machine Learning Infrastructure
  • Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning
  • Natural Language Processing and Speech Technologies
  • Computer Vision
  • Applied Research


  • Acoustic Technologies
  • Analog and Digital Design
  • Architecture
  • Battery Engineering
  • Camera Technologies
  • Display Technologies
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Health Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Sensor Technologies
  • Silicon Technologies
  • System Design and Test Engineering
  • Wireless Hardware

Software and Services

  • Apps and Frameworks
  • Cloud and Infrastructure
  • Core Operating Systems
  • DevOps and Site Reliability
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Security and Privacy
  • Software Quality, Automation & Tools
  • Wireless Software


  • Industrial Design
  • Human Interface Design
  • Communication Design

Operations and Supply Chain

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Business Process Management
  • Supply Demand Management and NPI Readiness
  • Retail and E-Commerce Fulfilment
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Sales Planning and Operations
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing and Operations Engineering
  • Quality Engineering
  • Supplier Responsibility
  • Programme Management


  • Services Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Corporate Communications

Corporate Functions

  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • People
  • Learning and Development
  • Global Security
  • Information Security
  • Environmental & Social Initiatives
  • Policy and Government Affairs
  • Real Estate and Development
  • Dining and Food Services
  • Administration

Apple Retail

  • Sales
  • Support
  • Leadership

Sales and Business Development

  • Business Development
  • Account Management
  • Apple Store Sales
  • Retail Partner Sales
  • Sales Planning and Operations
  • Field & Solutions Engineering

Support and Service

  • Online Support
  • Technical Support and Customer Support
  • Apple Store Support
  • AppleCare Business Development
  • Service Channel Management and Operations


  • Internships
  • Corporate
  • Apple Store
  • Apple Store Leader Programme
  • Apple Retail Partner Store
  • Apple Support College Programme
  • Apple Campus Leader

What are the various products & services of Apple?

  • Ad Platforms
  • AirPods
  • Apple Accessories
  • AppleCare
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Pay
  • Apple Retail Store
  • Apple TV
  • Apple Online Store
  • Apple Watch
  • App Store
  • Beats Audio Accessories
  • Consumer and Pro Apps
  • Claris
  • HomePod
  • iCloud
  • iOS
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod
  • iTunes
  • Mac
  • macOS
  • Maps
  • News
  • Siri
  • tvOS
  • watchOS
  • Other

How to apply for a job at Apple company?

You can apply apple jobs through various sources like Apple job site, LinkedIn, Apple recruiters, campus interview or if you know someone working at apple you try passing your resume to the Apple hiring board. Your application will be taken forward as per apple’s recruitment process. If you are using Apple job site, first you need to sign up and create an Apple job ID for uploading your resume and further job application processes.

What is the hiring process to get a apple company job?

As the company with multiple groups, the hiring process has the different approaches accordingly. It doesn’t mean it is an unstructured recruitment process but organized based on requirements. These approaches generally compiled in following natures.             

How to crack Apple phone interview?

Further to your application submission, an initial screening of relevancy would carry out by an apple recruiter.  If the recruiter is interested in your application, you would be considered for a basic phone interview to see if there is further interest in your candidature.        The phone interview would be conducted by a recruiter or hiring manager from a specific team. 

Apple phone interview lasts up to 30 minutes comprising one or two interviews either at a time or in different occasions.

Apple Phone Interview Tips

  • Go through entire job description in detail.
  • Attend the interview at a dedicated place where no distraction is observed.
  • Check out the devices, internet connectivity, Wi-Fi etc.
  • Listen carefully on what is being asked, not clear?  Ask again.
  • Prepare well. Recall all your past experiences and achievements with proper data.

Apple Facetime Interview / online interview

facetime interviews last for 30-minutes to assess your behavioral and technical competencies.

Apple job on-site interview process?

If you are blessed you will be invited to an onsite interview at an apple campus. The onsite interview will last for a whole day back-to-back interviews with diverse interviewers or multiple on-site interviews may be scheduled in different days. Most of the questions are relevant to the field of your expertise and behavioral based.

For example, Software engineer candidates may be requested a typical question about algorithms and data structures and be expected to code on a laptop and whiteboard, and display an expertise of device layout.

You can expect up to a 3 to 6 interview rounds at apple which include

  • Apple assessment center: based on applied position, you may undergo for an assessment center as part of an apple recruitment process.  The process to know better about apple by networking with the team in various activities as follows
    • Apple group exercise is observed by an apple employee to test your practical implementation on solving problems
    • Apple roleplay exercise. Typical for retail store candidates. Roleplaying involves to examine your ability to handle scenarios with potential customers. For eg, your public speaking skills with group, etc.

What are Apple interview questions?

Apple basic interview questions

Why do you want to work at Apple?  

What are you hoping to gain from this job?  

What is your strength/weakness?

Tell me a little about yourself?

why should we hire you?  

Apple technical interview questions

Find and fix a bug in the given codes?

What is the relationship between Near-Field and Far-Field?  

Describe the graphics pipeline step by step?

Design an fifo using the language of your choice and describe your thought process  

How would you design the system?  

Explain the basics of computer system and programming?

Tell me what you know about display?

what is mimo and ofdm in wireless?

How would you go about picking pullup resistors for an I2C bus?

Write a test plan for asynchronous reset flip flop

What is your experience with internally built systems?  

Describe the 3 modes of heat transfer and how these differ  

How will you test toaster?  

Apple behavioral interview questions?

How would you handle an upset customer?

Tell us about a project you’re most proud of?  

What are your experiences with Apple products?  

Are you open to feedback and how do you handle it?

What is your vision for this department?  

Most difficult project you ever worked for?

what interests you in this particular field and role?  

How do I handle a customer that does not accept a provided resolution?  

Apple job (FAQ) frequently asked questions.

Is it hard to get a job at Apple?

Getting a job at Apple is quite hard if you are not capable enough to handle the interview. Apple prefer the candidate who has presence of mind, innovative and team player. They observe your pressure handling capacity by shooting multiple questions at a time and see how you manage the situation.

What are the qualifications to work at Apple?

Apple prefer the candidate with good academic background. Must have strong domain knowledge, people skills and an exceptional problem-solving ability.

How much do they pay you to work at Apple?

According to indeed salary review, the average salary per year for sales associate ranges from $30,509 to $199,389 per year for Counsel. An average pay per hour ranges approximately $12.93 for technical support and $60 per hour for partner.

Can I get a job at Apple with no experience?

Prior experience not required, if you are applying for fresh graduate or internship trainee roles. Apply for technical support where you will receive all the training to start your career with apple.

How long is Apple hiring process?

On common, the interview process at Apple takes about 1-4 months depending on. Which include phone interview, facetime interview and an onsite interview. An onsite interview lasts five hours and incorporates of five rounds with different group.

Apple sample job descriptions

Software Engineer Job Description at Apple


You will collaborate with developers, QA, project managers, Support teams and users.

Strive for top satisfactory consequences and continuously search for ways to improve and beautify device reliability, performance, and safety.

Lead evidence-of-idea and pilot implementations to illustrate new ideas or illustrate the use of latest technology and a way to apply it into our structures.

You will perform ordinary design and code reviews and take part in debugging and coding to resolve issues.

Demonstrates solid information of data control, data modeling, system integration, development methodologies (such as unit testing) and web technology.

Occasionally will want to deal with Application Production (warranty) help. Working with exceptionally used outsourcing model

Key Qualifications

Experience building web sites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Officejs and Angular is a plus.

Shown capacity with contemporary internet frameworks and/or libraries consisting of React, Angular and so on.

Demonstrated capability building web apps with any common internet technology (Java, Python)

Demonstrated ability of Database modeling; PL/SQL and SQL. MongoDB is a plus.

Proven exp. in handling data structures in Python

Expertise in Agile/waterfall undertaking management methodologies

Ability to multi-assignment and run duties with various priorities

Excellent verbal and written verbal exchange talents

Ability to paintings independently with minimal course

Experience in growing packages for Supply Chain business domain, with more cognizance on Supply Planning, Demand Planning

Experience in leading a team of developers and QA

Apple Job Description – Inside Sales


We call and have an effect on at all degrees inside the debts and understand the desires and problems facing our clients.

Our Inside Sales Account Executives are proficient at expertise our structure, choice-making system, and political issues in Apple’s current Higher Education accounts.

We have an impact on the investment state of affairs for our clients and develop account plans with assigned area Account Executives that incorporate Apple-primarily based answers to fulfill the clients wishes.

Key Qualifications

Customer and associate needs can regularly be great – however, you’re short in your feet and connect and influence the people both inside and outside of Apple. You can settle disputes, negotiations and very own the tough calls with minimal noise. You step as much as conflicts and spot them as possibilities to polish.

you are a specialist at offering No matter the audience, And, you’re cool beneath stress. You make the complex simple and also you command a target market by way of bringing them alongside for the adventure. You empower others to learn, to be curious and in the long run, share your passion for the Apple tale. When challenged with sophisticated questions, you proportion your deep knowledge of how our hardware, software program and services combine.

Apple doesn’t cut corners, in merchandise or in commercial enterprise. You deliver the very best degree of integrity, honesty, and responsibility in all that you do, every day. You are a relied-on consultant who does what you are saying you’ll do – and always does what’s satisfactory for Apple.

You are best as sturdy because the people round you, so that you recognize how to contribute to your group. You experience a collaborative environment with open talk and debate. You empower your teammates to do their lifestyle’s first-class work. When projects require greater support, you’re eager to step up to the plate and convey your information to the table.

You see the world thru the eyes of the purchaser by way of deeply understanding their enterprise wishes, challenges, and worries. At Apple, we obsess over how people love in our products and services. You not just meet our customers’ expectancies, but you exceed them.


Apple one of the top companies in the world. If you wanted be at a top company you should have the top qualities as the company wants. When applying job at apple, consider all the factors mentioned above. Know the company, products and interview process at apple. Practice the apple interview questions to build your confident. This is how you can get a job at apple.

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