Employment with Google is like completing the life’s mission to many professionals. Want to be one among those Googlers? Right here, you have all the guidelines to proceed how to get a job in Google company.

Though you are living in a same town for several years, still couldn’t find a location? Google is there to find your location. Try some new recipe? google has all the answers for you. Google company is everywhere in our life.

Better call Google as result engine than a search engine.


How to get job in Google Company ?

Currently, google company hires people in nine different domains as mentioned below. You should search jobs matching your domain and apply.

Google teams

  • Engineering & technology: The team hires technology engineers such as technical program manager, developer, device integrity analyst, business intelligence and more…       
  • Sales, service & support: The team serving directly with the clients on Google products selling and service. some of the job positions, associate product marketing, vertical account executive…
  • Marketing & communications: the team connects users to the product magic. job positions include marketing operations manager, performance campaign manager, etc.
  • Design: The team that generate stunning and intuitive experiences. UX /UX Engineer, UX researcher, UX writer, visual designer, etc.
  • Business Strategy: The team that delivers the analysis and insights that the Google use to originate. Job Positions: Quantitative Business Analyst, Product Specialist, etc.
  • Finance: The team that design and manage solutions to support Google’s global business.
  • Legal: The team that form the internet policy and law for Google’s business for now and for future.
  • People: The team that supports Google company to find right people and grow and support to make Google great.
  • Facilities: The team that creates the cooperative work environments at Google company. Job Positions- EHS Strategy & Operations, Category Manager, Facilities, Executive Events Program.

What are the locations Google company offer job opportunities?

As said, Google is everywhere, you can find Google company job opportunities across globe. Typically, you can find Google company jobs in various locations of North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle East.

Google Job Locations. How to get a job in Google

What Google company expects from a job applicant?

Before you proceed applying for Google jobs, certain things you should know. In which, one of the main things is, what Google staffing team member look to match you for a job you apply.

Self-Reflection: Focus on you. The first quality that the Google expects but often overlooked. Google doesn’t take the person who is good at something rather wants to do the job that excites the individual.

The goal of the Google hiring process is to hire a Googler, not only a skilled employee.

Knowing Google: Get adequate information about Google company, teams, products, employee benefits and Google’s working culture. You can grab these information’s in official google blog and YouTube channels.

How to prepare resume for applying Google company jobs?

Your resume speaks first. Keep your generic resume aside and create a unique resume exclusively prepared for that particular position you are applying.

Based on Google career tips – your resume should consist of career summary, experience, education, certification & awards and skills. Also, add your achievements with data aligned. All these sections are the building blocks to increase your chance to get a job at Google. Depending on position, you can interchange these sections up or down for a better visual.

Cover letter: Google doesn’t insist on cover letter. Its your call whether to attach or leave.

Google interview process resume tips. How to get a job in google

How to Apply Google Jobs online?

Open up the Google career page. You can see various search filter options to find matching jobs. The options are, Job title or key word, Locations, Skills & qualifications, Degree, Job types and Organizations. Based on your feed the filtered job listings will appear. Now its your turn to apply your dream job. Google recommends you to apply jobs that you delighted work rather than just matching your profile.

Keep in mind that you can apply maximum of three jobs in 30 days window.

How to Apply Google Jobs online

Google jobs online application form

Below are the basic details to fill up in form before submission

  1. Login with your Gmail account to begin filling online application
  2. Attach your resume with the max. file size of 2mb
  3. Add contact details which include legal name, communication address, email and phone number
  4. Education details
  5. Work experience
  6. Cover letter (optional)
  7. indicate your gender 
  8. indicate your race / ethnic group
  9. Protected veteran qualification (if applicable)
  10.  self-identification of disability
  11. Acknowledge & Submit

What are the Google company job interview process?

Once the hiring team found your application matching the criteria, the Google hiring process begins. Whether you are applying for a leadership position or an internship role, anyone applied for Google company jobs, the interviews will be as per Google hiring process.

The process may slightly differ depending on role or category but here are some of the common recruitment process to check how you fit to get in to Google.

Online assessments

Online assessment, typically called aptitude test. Depending on position you applied, various characteristics and skills are assessed through online questionnaires. These questions may include memory, focus test, language, mathematics, behavioral, logical thinking, etc.

Short virtual chats/Phone interview

The Google phone interview round is an interview after the successful completion of online assessment. The phone interview is the preliminary round for detailed in-person (on-site) interview. This may usually one or two shorter discussion over phone or video call.

The interviewer can be from recruitment team or hiring manager or any one from Google team. The interviewer assesses the key skills that you needed for the job.

Project work

If applicable, you may be given a small project to complete before in-depth onsite interviews. This is to understand your coding skills, thought process and problem-solving abilities.

How to prepare Google onsite interviews?

“It’s not the best who win the race; it’s the best prepared who win it.”

Google onsite interviews would be of 3-4 four serious rounds in a day. These interviews will be conducted mostly in-person or video. The interview rounds include structured interview, open-ended questions.

Structured Interviewing: Google uses structured interviewing methodology asking same serious of questions to assess the candidates. So that, all candidates would be evaluated with the same perspectives to take hiring decisions.

Technical Questions: These questions will specifically about coding and algorithms. You should respond positively on technical hassle and how you would solve locating a solution for it.

Open-ended questions: Google recruiters will spend time with you shooting open-ended questions. These questions are asked to understand how you interact with the team, know your leadership traits, how you solve problems, etc.

Sample open-ended questions

  • What is your greatest weakness?
  • How will your greatest strength help you perform?
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • How do you evaluate success?

What, after an on-site interview?

Google recruitment team will compile all your interview results together and review them. If you are the best match for the job, the Google recruiter will reach you out with an offer to become a Googler.

Once you accepted the offer, you would be explained with Google’s compensation and benefits.

Tips to crack Google interview

There are certain things to prepare before interviewing at Google. Here are some meaningful tips that Google recommends.

  1. Your resume and job description: Review every aspect of your resume and how it is matching with the job description. Find how they both connects to help recruiter to shortlist your application.
  2. Include data: A simple data tells the whole story about your capability to the job. The recommended data should consist of three following elements
    1. What you accomplished?
    1. How did you do?
    1. How you measured the result?

For example,

  1. What you accomplished?

Increased sales

  • How did you do?

By implementing digital marketing strategies

  • How you measured the result?

By 20% sales increase during first quarter

Your past experience matters: Be mindful and recollect your past experiences. It sounds easy to share things that you have done already. But believe me, the moment interviewer asks, you may have a blank mind. Better be prepared because many of the Google interview questions are based to your past experience.

Ask Questions: Ask relevant questions to interviewer. It doesn’t just mean clarifying your queries but also showcase your eagerness to join the company. And, Google love to get feedback for improvement.

Prepare for the interview day: If you are connecting a virtual interview, make sure, you are in a place with no disturbance. Ensure you have good internet and, devices such as computer, mic, wi-fi are working properly.

Express your thoughts: Don’t be afraid of asking questions by middle of the interview. Clarify your doubts, ask for a minute to collect your thoughts and continue.

Keep an eye on interview time: Be mindful on the interview time left for you and utilize optimistically.

Google Interview Questions

What are the questions you may expect at google company interview?

Depending on position and category, the questions may differ. Here are some of the sample question types as well as the model questions you can expect.

Google Technical interview questions

  • Basic coding questions for Software Engineer.  
  • Graph traversal and sorting questions.  
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Super recursion
  • Probability related programs
  • DFS vs BFS question
  • Filter out redundant numbers in a list of numbers.
  • What is the time complexity and how to improve it?  
  • Calculate the number of paths between points A and B given you can only move up or right each time
  • how to make a website faster  
  • Add integers stored as arrays  

Non-technical interview questions

  • Tell me a complex situation and needed to coordinate with a team?
  • What are your goals for this company?  
  • What would be Google’s next innovation?
  • How do you manage group conflict?  
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Who you are?
  • How to present the research finding?
  • Why google?
  • How to react when people do not like your research?
  • Where did you hear about us?  

Google Jobs – FAQ

How do I get a job at Google with no experience?

Search internship programs at Google. Google offers internship opportunities across globe ranging from software engineer to business for fresh graduates

What are the internship programs at google?

Software Engineering Internship
User Experience Internship
Mechanical Engineering Internship
Hardware Engineering Internship
Business Internship
MBA Internship
BOLD Internship
Legal Internship
gCareer Internship

Is it hard to get a job at Google?

Getting job at google is hard. Because, an article from revealed that Google receives 2 million applications every year. The ratio is roughly ten times harder than getting into Harvard.

Is Google hiring without degree?

Google does not essentially look for college degree or certifications. What more important is, you should hold a practical experience and domain knowledge matching the job description.

What the Google’s mission statement?

Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

What is the salary range at Google in India?

Based on report by, an average salary of a Google employee earns INR 25.8 lakhs per annum. This is ranging between INR 6 lakh to INR 84.4 Lakhs.

Can a fresher get a job in Google?

Yes, you can get a job in Google as a fresher. Check out “university graduate” job openings in Google career page. You can see the list of available job for fresher.

How many rounds are there in Google interview?

Google interview rounds will take up to 5 – 7 rounds. That include, online assessment, phone interview, project work and multiple rounds of onsite interview in a day.

How long is the hiring process at Google?

An overall interview process starting from online test to onsite hiring may take up to 2-4 weeks. It may take up to 6-8 weeks on making an offer decision.  

Can I apply multiple Google jobs at a time?

You can apply maximum 3 jobs in a one month window. It can be within a day or any different days of that 30 days window period.


The Google career site holds 2000+ open job positions world wide currently. Though the recruitment process is bit tougher still you have the possibilities to get a job at Google.

Make a note of Google teams, job locations, Google interview process, interview questions everything mentioned in this article.

Believe you can get your dream job at Google.

All the best!

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