How to get a job at Facebook

It is a fact that a person doesn’t aware of an internet but has an account with Facebook. That’s an impact Facebook made around the world. No wonder if the Facebook is your dream company to work with. But the question lies here is how to get a job at Facebook.

The answer is yes, there is a way to get hired with Facebook. Read the article thoroughly where mentioned the step by step ways to get the job at Facebook.

How to get a job at Facebook?

To get a job at Facebook, as a job applicant you should aware of the various things such as Facebook business and services, job availabilities at Facebook, Facebook hiring processes, Interview questions and how to apply job at Facebook. This article provides every ounce of all these details in a broad range.

How to apply Facebook jobs?

Facebook holds worldwide employee strength over 58k and actively hiring newer talents regularly. Facebook career site shows 3000+ job requirements currently.  In the Facebook jobsite, with the proper keyword you can search directly the favorite jobs, or use the filter options (such as Area of Work, Location, Job Category, By App or Service and Job Type) to find more specific jobs and apply online.

Once you find a suitable job, apply job using your Facebook account. You will be taken to the online job application form where you have to fill up the form, upload resume and submit.

How does Facebook recruitment process work?

Facebook recruiting team evaluates your resume associated with the qualifications of the job you have applied for.

If your application seems fit to the job, you’ll have a preliminary interview and communication with a Facebook recruiter for further rounds of interview.

The next hiring process, you will have a phone or video interview with hiring manager or respective team member.

If successfully done so, you will have a multiple onsite interview at Facebook.

What are the interview stages to land a Facebook job?

At Facebook, you will have to go through two stages of interviews. 1) Initial screening, 2) Onsite interview. Each stage consists of multiple segments as mentioned below.

Stage 1: Initial screening

In this interview helps interviewer to decide whether the candidates is eligible take up to the full series of onsite interviews. Below is the insight of how the initial interview taken forward. This interview mostly conducted in online or in-person if applicable.

  • Introduction & Career aspiration: in this level first 10 Minutes, the interviewer does the self-introduction. Further an applicant needs to describe the whole story about personal and professional areas to cover.
  • Basic Coding test: The next 30–35-minute, depending on how you are appearing for an interview, either online interview or in-person interview, an applicant will be asked to solve coding problems either online editor or in a white board.
  • Ask Questions: The last 5 minute, you will be given opportunity to ask questions to the interviewer.
Stage 2: Onsite interview at Facebook

At Facebook onsite interview, you will be facing 4-5 back-to-back interviews during the course of the day. These will be spread across 3 different types of interviews:

  1. The coding interview
  2. The design interview 
  3. The behavioral interview
The coding interview

The coding interview at this level last to 45 minutes, typically harder than the initial screening interview. Not all the interviews go the same ways but the typical coding interview pattern will cover an introduction, coding test for 30 minutes and ask questions.

The design interview

The expectation is the candidate to be familiar with basic design principles. Design interview includes two 2 types system design and product design. Here almost never involve coding. The design interview will be about 45 minutes interview talking and drawing on the whiteboard.

The behavioral interview

The cause of the behavioral interview is to assess whether the candidate will thrive in Facebook’s peer-to-peer, minimum-procedure, unstructured engineering organization. The behavioral interview is to test you and your resume, your history, and your motivation. The shorter part of the coding interview will also be covered to get an extra coding knowledge of the candidate.

How to prepare for Facebook Job Interview? (Interview Tips)

Interviewing with any organization may be a traumatic process, and the excellent factor you can do to make certain your best viable outcome is to prepare over and again.

To assist you prepare on your Facebook interview here are some recommendations about what you can assume, the way to observe and suggestions for each sort of interviews.

Invest time in making ready:

An interview is different from your day-to-day task. so, any guidance for the interview may be beneficial for the next ones. It’s critical for anyone to comb up on their interview talents, coding skills and algorithms.

Practice answering a coding question with the maximum answer without the usage of a compiler. A few sources that provide coding questions to apply for practice: Topcoder, Careercup, or Project Euler.

Practice under time pressure:

You will have a confined time for the coding question, so it is going to be important to complete it in time. If possible, have a mock interview with a pal to simulate the interview experience.

Write code in an easy textual content editor:

In the interview you may write your code in a comparable environment (such as CoderPad) without syntax highlighting or automobile-completion.

Practice by means of coding through hand: Coding interviews will be accomplished on a whiteboard. Practice some of the questions with a whiteboard or pen and paper to help put together.

Suggested reading assets:

Cracking the Coding Interview, Introduction to Algorithms, Algorithms in C.

Go over information technologies, algorithms and complexity:

Be in a position to speak about the big-O complexity of your tactics. Don’t neglect to sweep up in your records structures like lists, an array, hash maps, stacks, hash tables, queues, trees, heaps, graphs. Also searches, sorts and traversals (BFS, DFS). Also review recursion and iterative processes.

Use the programming language you are great at:

It’s vital to write your answer successfully and in time, so use the language you’re maximum familiar with.

Find the bugs and fix by yourself: 

Don’t wait for the interviewer to figure it out for you.

Reflect to your projects:

Think about the initiatives you’ve built. What changed into smooth, and what was hard?

Identify your consciousness:

There’s not enough time to discuss every detail of the projects you dealt with, locate the thrilling and hard troubles to focus the discussion on.

Drive the discussion:

Part of the signal the interviewer hopes to collect is whether or not you’ve got learned a way to build big systems via hard experience. Your capability to count on and work around ordinary problems is a part of that sign.

Know your self:

Take the time to study your own resume as your interviewer will nearly definitely ask approximately key events to your work records.

Have concrete examples or anecdotes:

Support each query with examples. Recall your past experience and map them in your mind to answer at any time.

Locate a very good interview spot:

If you are assigned to phone/video interview, Choose a quiet place and make certain where you have good Internet connection and phone range.

Speak in reality:

Ensure you’re speaking clearly and also, if you can not listen the interviewer, let them know so he/she can do something! You do not need to waste the whole interview seeking to comprehend each other.

Facebook job interview questions

Facebook sample behavioral interview questions

  1. What would an old co-worker say about you?
  2. What are Facebook’s challenges in the coming years?
  3. Tell me about a time that you had a good time with your manager
  4. What do you think as a challenge in this role?
  5. What is the prestigious compliment you have got in your current role?
  6. Why do you want to work for Facebook?
  7. What is one project you’re proud of?
  8. What would you do if your interview is cancelled today?
  9. How do you build relationships?
  10. What do you do to stay motivated?
  11. when was the time the project went into issues and what did you do to resolve it?  

Facebook sample technical job interview questions

  1. Imagine a scenario where users delete an application after first-time use, how will you address this problem? 
  2. Are you familiar with Facebook native apps? 
  3. What is the difference between a left join vs. a union vs. right join? 
  4. How would you create a model to find bad sellers on marketplace? 
  5. What metrics would you track to measure product success? 
  6. How would you set up a vision for a new Analytics team? 
  7. For different devices, how would you determine which quality metric matters and what is the tradeoffs you would do?
  8. Can you name some Key Quality Indicators for Image Quality?
  9. What are some common ways to test for these qualities?
  10. Pick a product, how would you improve it?  

Job at Facebook? FAQ

How much does a Facebook employee make?

Based on indeed salary review, the Facebook average salary range for Logistics Analyst approximately from $84,459 and $280,075 per year for Director. While, pay ranges $14.86 to $103 for Specialist.

Can you get a job at Facebook without a degree?

Landing a Facebook employment isn’t about your college degree or where you are from. People without bachelor’s degree are also welcome. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a university dropout himself. Janelle Gale – VP of HR Facebook advice for prospective candidates (Source: businessinsider).

Is it hard to get hired at Facebook?

It isn’t hard if you possess the required experience, qualifications, and interview skills to get a job at Facebook. Learn Facebook hiring process, Interview questions, interview tips mentioned here in this article.

Does Facebook allow work from home?

Facebook allow work from home employment plan for the next 10 years. The Facebook unique remote work career page displays hundreds of work from home opportunities.

How long does the Facebook hiring process take?

Depending on the job position this may take between 30 days to 90 days.

How long is the interview process at Facebook?

Interview process time differs upon stage wise. Stage 1-Initial technical screen: Introduction and career aspirations 5-10 minute, Coding 30-35 minute, ask question 5 minute.

What are the 5 core values of Facebook?

1.Move fast, bold, 3.focus on impact, open, and 5. build social value. These are the 5 core values of Facebook.

Can I apply for multiple jobs?

Job applications are limited to three total. Make sure to apply for roles that strongly match to your work experience and specific skills.
If not selected, Facebook asks candidate to wait for 1 year for applying next role.

Does Facebook do the campus hiring ?

Facebook recruiting team visits colleges and universities globally. Know more about internships and new graduate opportunities on Universities on Facebook page.

What should I focus on when applying for a job at Facebook?

Focus on your strengths. Facebook need you to do that now not just for your great day but every day.

Show them some thing you have built. Builders observe the arena with sparkling eyes. They see matters that are accurate, but will be better, and figure out a way to make it so.

Facebook look for candidates who’ve were given that same building mind-set, whether they’re applying for regular roles or internships.

Don’t hesitate to speak about the blunders you’ve made within the pursuit of massive thoughts–we need to hear those as a great deal as your wins. Share whilst you’ve failed and learned.

Facebook sample job description

  • Job Position: Internal Software Engineer

Minimum Qualifications

  • Two plus years of software engineering experience in Python,Java,PHP,Hack,C++ or similar.
  • B.S. (or) M.S. in Computer Science / equivalent degree / experience.
  • Exp. with high-level presentation optimization &troubleshooting bottlenecks.
  • Exp. in writing self-documented code,in conducting design & code reviews.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Software engineering exp in React,GraphQL,Relay or similar.
  • Exp. communicating technical notions to non technical audiences.

Internal Software Engineer Responsibilities

  • Design,build,and support core backend,frontend software components.
  • Partner with cross-functional product,analytics teams to steer,/ contribute to large scale strategic projects as well as solve ongoing operational problems at scale.
  • Use engineering skill sets in a business organization to drive meaningful business impact by looking at problems through an operational lens.
  • Self-identify gaps,problems,needs,and come up with robust solutions with relative freedom.

Conclusion – How to get a job at Facebook

If getting a job at Facebook is your goal, you should know, how to apply Facebook jobs, how does Facebook recruitment process work, What are the interview stages at Facebook, how to prepare for Facebook Interview and what are the questions asked at Facebook interview. And, everything here is in this article.

All the best!

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