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So you want to earn a little bit extra on the side as a freelancer. Well, that’s a good but how will you make money with no freelance job ideas?. Now you would like to know about money making freelance work from home jobs. Don’t be worry because in these days, lot of work can be done remotely at home. The world doesn’t consider from where or how you do the job but see whether you did the job by meeting expectations and within the deadline.

The freelance works are on demand of the service requested by the clients and each demand is the perfect opportunity to grow his business as a freelancer.

In this blog we will cover 26 freelance job ideas to make money from home.

Technical Freelance Job Ideas

If you are a technical person, land of job ideas to make money as a freelance professional. Following readings will make you clear all at once.

Android and IOS Development

Most of the enterprises and individual entrepreneurs look for a compatible solution to reach products or services to specific customers. Mobiles applications are the easy way to reach the users into their fingertips. Therefore, the demand for quality android / IOS developer is keeping higher.

If you’re a passionate mobile user-friendly apps developer, there are opportunities would like to meet your service. In due course, you should design and build the next generation of mobile applications as a freelance developer.

The basic requirements of Android and IOS Developer: Proven work experience in Mobile app developer portfolio of released applications on the App Store or the Android market. Detailed knowledge on required programming languages. Experience in OOP design principles, third-party libraries, and APIs. Outstanding analytical skills and problem-solving abilities

Internet Security Specialist

Internet security is one of the demanding freelance job ideas to make money.

The Internet security specialist, who should know all the nitty-gritty’s of internet security-related to technologies. He/she is required to be able to give genuine recommendations related to tools and technologies, process and procedures, also the best domain observations that can be applied.

An internet security specialist to make sure that the web application that cannot be hacked or it’s difficult to hack and have to be tested accordingly. The internet security specialist freelance work from home jobs are thriving as hackers of web applications are unstoppable.

Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator’s job is to verify whether the results to common searches are appropriate to the entered keyword or phrase. This will comprise web search evaluation, video evaluation and more.

Search Engine Evaluator is a good idea to start as a freelance work from home job and a thriving money profession provided there are things you should have both in terms of knowledge and tools. They are: high speed internet access, computer with anti-virus protection software, good knowledge on search engine functioning, ability to research unknown topics and find related resources, and etc…

SEO Specialist Freelance Work from Home Jobs

If you have a freelance ideas in SEO job, you are most welcome by the industry with good money served.

As an SEO expert, you will spot techniques, strategies, and tactics to boost the number of visitors to a website and get a high placement in the results page of search engines. By generating further leads for the business, you will open up new chances for dynamic growth and profit.

A search engine optimization specialist (SEO) applies digital tools to analyze the online presence of the businesses and use various marketing skills to transform the company’s digital platform.

To become a successful freelance SEO specialist, you should explore the digital skills and develop insights to drive organic traffic to a targeted web application.

Website Developer/Designer

Land of opportunities in freelance industry for web developing job aspirants.

A freelance website developer job duty covers all aspects of creating a web application. In order to meet customer requirements and assessing their need, web designers assist to create and maintain the product.

The duties of website developers include writing and editing content; determine technical requirements, design webpage layout, website updates, creating back up files, resolve coding issues, and so on.

A web designer crafts the look, features, and layout of a website. The work involves thoughtfulness of both vivid designing and computer programming. Once the website is shaped, a designer assists with the maintenance and development of the website.

Website and AppsTesting

Web/App testing is one of the smart freelance job ideas to make money.

Make money from home as a freelance tester for the bugs you report. If you are a tech fanatic or a QA professional, you can increase your income by joining a freelance website and application testing work.

Become a better QA tester, you’ll have access to QA resources and increase experience by testing wonderful mobile apps and web applications.

As an apps test professional, you must have a thorough understanding of automation test and manual test principles, strong work ethic and ability to fix bugs in complex projects, strong logical and debugging skills.

Developer / Programmer Freelance Jobs

Since most businesses are functioning with IT products or software applications, the need for programmers is tremendous.

The companies expanded their viewpoint of hiring freelance programmers to complete the task and saving cost as well. There are plenty of technologies available that fill the specific needs of customers. If you are a programmer with hands-on experience in any of the technology then, someone is required your help as a freelancer.

Among many programming languages, few languages are high in demand for now and then. They are PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Swift, etc…

Freelance Writing Jobs

If you’ve got a freelance ideas in writing jobs, you are entering into a most demanding profession which offer adequate money for your job.

Content Writing

If you have passion for writing, producing online content and have an eye for detail, you have more content writer freelance work from home job opportunities on the go.

As a content writer, your primary responsibility is to write quality contents that attracts readers and boost brand awareness.

The content writer should be familiar with various web applications, doing research using multiple resources, ability to write well-structured drafts that based to content management system (CMS), proof reading, SEO guidelines and more.

Copywriting Freelance Jobs

Copywriting is very different than content writing. Content writing is indeed significant in business, but it centers more on engagement and brand awareness through content mediums such as blog posts, social media and about pages.

So the Copywriting is the art of crafting words for the sole purpose of conversion. Good copywriting convinces people to take action. So, anytime you want to compel a prospective customer to click a link, or call a number, or signup with an email address or yes, BUY something, it relies on copywriting.

Basically, it’s the messaging that fuels your entire business. It’s the foundation of your brand and the secret sauce to your sales.

Copywriting is used in a range of marketing materials like sales pages, Videos, websites, emails, promotional, direct mail flyers, catalogs and advertising campaigns.

Proofreader or Content Editor

Every business, web applications, and blogs need quality content. Quality doesn’t mean just stuffing information but also includes precise language, spelling, grammar, clarity on message, and more. A proofreader’s job is to construct the error-free content based on a reader’s perception.

If you have strong abilities in correcting spelling errors, drafting contents with perfect grammar, and make the document as meaningful content for readers, the proofreader job is suitable for you.

There is loads of freelance proofreader work from home jobs available online that you can find from various job websites that offer handsome income model.

Resume Writing Freelance Work from Home Jobs

An ideal resume increases the chance of more job opportunities. There are many job candidates seeking support from specialists to write a perfect resume and want to stand out among the applicant’s crowd.

A fresh college degree applicant, an applicant with a moderate level of writing skill, and a person who wants his resume with a high profile look all looking for freelance resume writing services from expert resume writers.

If you are confident, you can help those people with your resume writing knowledge and abilities, there are many hands ready to welcome you. The primary thing a resume writer must remember is; writing a resume is not just writing a beautiful resume but the resume that spotlights on what the employer is looking.

Write and Sell an E-book

The digital age turned the book reading habit as handy. An E-book is a boon for reading lovers. Thus, the eBook selling websites and apps are more popular among this group of people.

If you have great knowledge of something, it is absolutely correct to share that knowledge and earn some money. So this is your chance for creating your own book in digital form and publishes online.

There are audiences to buy for each category of book sell online on different E-Book websites. You will be earned for each download based on the price tag fixed for a book. The popular eBook sellers are Amazon Kindle, Payhip, Lulu, Blurb, etc.

Blog Writing

Share your knowledge that the world to see. Blogging is fun if you have a passion for writing your own thoughts and believe that may useful to someone online.

The more good news about blogging is your passion for writing blogs will pave the way to make money too. Millions of blogging websites are on the internet but only the quality blog posts ranks top of the search engine.

Blogging is one of the top-ranking freelance business models to make money online provided information is given consistently and correctly. For example, if your blog’s niche is about Job Interview, you must write various articles related to job interview such as interview skills, interview tips, types of interview, interview questions, etc.

Each blog post should meet with on-page SEO and off-page SEO criteria. There are many other factors that should be complied in great detail to rank your blog page on top of Google listing.

Creativity Based Freelance Job Idea

Design and Sell Products at PoD Websites        

As the fashion trends change day by day, people look for new designs of clothing’s. You don’t want to be a hardcore fashion designer with the hand-on experience to make these designs but to have creativity to lure the eyes of new cloth design seekers. 

Merch by Amazon, Printful, SPOD, Printify, Apliiq Dropship, Teelaunch and more of these Print-on-demand (PoD) websites bring freelance job opportunities to unleash your designer inside. The more good news is these PoD websites operates with free membership.

Print-on-demand is a method where you deal with a contractor to customize white label products with your own designs to sell them on a per-order basis under your own brand.

Fashion Illustrator

Many publications, studios, clothing manufacturers or other fashion designers sought freelance job opportunities for a fashion illustrator to work from home.

Fashion illustrator’s who focus on expressing fashion designs and ideas through art with the help of computer design software.

The fashion illustrator must clearly communicate fashion concepts through artistic means. The artist creates illustrations of clothes and accessories for different purposes including clothing lines, fashion magazine artwork, footwear and drawings found in sewing pattern catalogs, etc. To stand out in this field, illustrators need to polish their skills and develop a personal style.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are one of the most demanding freelancers in these days because every business wants to fascinate clients with their visual augmentation. A graphics designer’s creativity supports to communicate the ideas clearly and precisely.  A Graphic Designer, with his creativity, brings variety to single projects in various visual dimensions.

Freelance job Requirements for Graphic Designer: With a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major or concentration in graphic design. These are available from both art institute’s and traditional liberal arts colleges. Hand-on experience with the tools such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.

Handmade Craft freelance jobs

The things which are available in lesser number that becomes more demand by nature. Thus, handmade products have huge welcome in online presence.

People love the products that made of hands or with hands using simple tools rather than made of machineries. The handmade crafts are highly valued because it doesn’t happen by mass production but small quantities.

If you are the one who has passion to create something by hand you have places to sale your product online. Find different freelance websites that give opportunity to showcase your creation. Create your product at home and sell them throughout the world.

Interior Designer

“There is no place like home and no home is like our home”. Hope, none will have second opinion to this saying. There are people crazy about making interior designs and often change things based on trends. Interior designers are the best buddies of these home décor extremists. The internet gives more freelance interior designers to get connect with design lovers across borderline.

Virtual Stylist

If you are a fashion expert who loves helping people to look stylish with their clothing matching their tastes, the freelance virtual stylist job is there for you. With bags of employers offer virtual stylist jobs that you could do with a lot of flexibility being at home and get paid.

Workings as a virtual stylist typically focus to make your client look awesome and trendy. As a fashion expert, you must have updated knowledge of current and upcoming fashion trends.

The essential requirements of being a freelance virtual stylist are excellent listening skills, communication skills, trend awareness, body type clothing approach, client-centered, and importantly the love on a profession.

Freelancing Opportunities on Social Media


The podcasting is similar fashioned freelancing work model in-line with blogs and YouTube channels. Consider a blogger has a niche blog about interview skills. He writes articles and posts them periodically. A reader subscribes to the blog and reads the regular articles.

The same way the podcast functions but this time, as a pod-caster you record audio files on your chosen niche and upload them on podcasting hosting mobile apps or podcast websites. The digital audio file made available on the internet for the audience. The audience subscribes and downloads the files.

Usually, the podcasts release weekly or daily bases broken into different episodes. Say, for example, the TV serials, but there are no predetermined format such as length, size, or anything for creating a podcast audio files.

YouTube Channel

There is only a few genuine money making freelance job ideas available in online and social media. YouTube is one of the tops among the list. As of 2019, there are 31 million channels out there on YouTube that uploaded 500 minutes of videos every minute.

YouTube is a gigantic platform to expose your abilities in the form of videos that generate revenue while the viewers love to watch them.

If you have something good that you want people to see, create a YouTube channel, make a video and upload them on your channel.  Viewers love to visit your channel if the video is worth watching. 

Social Media Consultant

Roughly 45% of the world’s population uses social media, with an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes spent per day.

It is a different topic to discuss whether this scenario is healthy or unwell to society, but the point is, the potential to grow businesses with the help of social media platforms is tremendous.

With the high public engagement in social media, the business organizations and individual entrepreneurs conscious of the power of social media but couldn’t step down into the marketing strategies to implement with their busy schedule.

Thereby, a social Media consultant plays a crucial role on behalf of those businesses to optimally increase their social media presence. That is why the social media consultant job is the most demanding freelance work from home job and on the rise.

Affiliate Marketing

A marketing approach to make sales and supply notable online revenue. It has been so accepted that every industry and internet user is aware of it.

Affiliate marketing is a familiar advertising model in which businesses offer third-party publishers to advertise the product or service. Simply say, you market a product on your website and you will be paid some commission out of sales done through your website. Affiliate Marketing is unforced freelance job where anyone can do without investment. Amazon affiliate marketing program is one of the well known program and benefit by many freelancers around the world.

Consulting or Advisory type of freelance jobs

Advisor job is one of the demanding freelance ideas to provide a decent money.

Life Coach

Many people ranging from common person, celebrities from sports, movies, politics, and business executives all are seeking to improve their life in a better way possible. Even the knowledgeable person in certain area needs appropriate coaching and guidance in certain situation specifically when he / she blocked emotionally.

The life coach helps client’s to refrain from unwanted circumstance and guide him to focus on life’s essential goals.

If you have elevated psychological ethics with experience and believe that could help others to develop their lives, there is no harm for you to become a freelance life coach.

Career Advisor Freelance Job

A freelance career advisor provides counseling and career development guidance for students to explore and coming up with career choices. Mingle with students on their desires for career development. Carry out trainings, workshops, lectures and alternative events to develop employability skills for students. Educate students on resume building, interview skills, and expertness. Conduct mock interviews and job search workshops for college kids.

Other Freelance Consultant Jobs

  • Event Planning Consultant
  • Fitness Consultant
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Coaching
  • Makeup Consultant
  • Business Consultant
  • Financial Consultant

Other Freelance Work from Home Job Ideas

Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry is one of the simple freelance work from home job opportunities that can be delivered by anyone. You do not require big skills to carry out the data entry jobs. The highest requirement to start a data entry work is you should have a computer with an internet connection and fare level of typing speed.

There are different types of data entry jobs available online. The following jobs are well-known data entry works that benefit many online freelancers. The jobs are Data Entry Typing, Online Ad posting job, Captcha Entry Work, Ads Viewing job, Copy paste jobs, etc.

You can find thousands of data entry job providers online, but be cautious about the spammers. Thorough verification is essential before getting into any of the data entry work.

More Freelance Work from Home Job Ideas

  • Virtual book keeping
  • Virtual Recruiter
  • Online Trading Freelance job
  • Sell Courses online
  • Upload photos online
  • Freelance Teacher Job
  • Legal Transcriptionist
  • Translation Jobs
  • Medical Coding

Freelance job FAQ’s

What kind of freelance work can I do?
You can do any kind of freelance work based on your knowledge, skill, and interest. For example, if you are a graphic designer with ample experience start your journey as a freelance graphic designer today.

What are good freelance jobs?
Plenty of good freelance jobs available all over the world. In which, Freelance tech jobs, Writing Jobs, design jobs, social media jobs, advisor jobs, online jobs are some of the few

How do I get hired as a freelancer?
You do get hired as a freelancer in two basic methods. One, register yourself in freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, people per hour, etc. And, wait for a call from the job provider. Two, regularly check freelance job posts on multiple job sites.

Do freelance jobs pay?
Freelance jobs do pay if you choose to work for a reliable employer or individual. Take time to verify the employer’s background before the start is better.

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