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In this article we have explained 9 great personal development and tips for success. The article consists of various instance and anecdotes to make your read more curios.  

What is Personal Development?

The personal development is a life time course and there is no end. It is a process that never ends until you’re hungry towards knowledge, growth and peace.

Personal development mostly embedded with the emotional abilities through which you can improve the quality of your life.

Simply, the personal development is to make positive changes on all your emotional and physical actions. And, that results, optimistic progress on your personal and professional life that you can feel yourself and by others.

How can I improve my personal development?

There are many personal development traits to improve yourself. The requirement differs, based on the need of an individual. But, certain attributes are defined as applicable for those who wanted to be a successful in their life.

The term personal development covers the way of amplify your potential, reflect in your aims, evaluate your qualities and skills and keep setting newer goals.

As a success seeker, the following 9 personal development traits and its tips given here are imperative on your journey toward success.


Self-confidence tips to help personal development?

The downfalls are common in all of our lives. The only tool that keeps us standstill is our self-confidence. The time we lose our self-confidence is the time we accept our failure. The self confidence is the seed of inspirations to wreck the falling attitude.

A young entrepreneur sitting depressed at his home. His father noticed and understood as his son had some trouble. An elderly father came and sat beside him and asked,

 “Son! You look so gloomy today, is there everything ok?”
“Just leave it, you can’t do anything with this” son replied.

“Son, just try to share with me, I promise, you feel better”, father emphasized.

 “I lost huge money in my business and I am finished”, son described…

Father asked, “Let me ask you one thing, do you have confidence that you could fix the issue if you have the required funds?”
The son replied, yes.

“So, if this is your problem, wait for two days, I will get you a loan from my millionaire friend,” father informed.

 Two days passed. The father handed a cheque with the required amount to his son and said, “Dear son, my friend gave me this cheque with two conditions.

One, the fund must be repaid in one year with an additional rate of interest.

Two, you can use this money only after six months, that too, if there will be a higher degree of necessity. The fund must be kept as a backup as an emergency after six months.”

The son accepted and took the cheque.
The backup fund gave him a secured feel and he intensively took all the necessary steps to stabilize the business. He worked hard like ever before. The same spirit he passed to his team and other business associates. In one year, the business turned profitable but the cheque remained untouched.

Next year on the same date, the son returned the same cheque to his father and asked his father to convey his gratitude to his old friend.

The father said, “My dear son, the cheque I gave you wasn’t worth a penny. I just induced your self-confidence through a piece of paper.

Never forget, your self-confidence is worthier than any materialistic wealth.” 

Three bricks to build self-confidence towards personal development


The self-confidence is directly linked with what you are passionate about. For instance, a football player doesn’t have any confidence in playing cricket. Because of all his passion for football and such a way his self-confidence builds with the same sport. So, the first pillar to build your self-confidence is your passion

“What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill


“Practice makes a man perfect” a well-known quote that intensifies the importance of practice. The practice in the right direction, from the right source, is most essential.

For instance, if you are acquiring a skill toward your passion but from a wrong direction or a wrong person would eventually end up nowhere but ruin your passion itself

One important key to success is self-confidence. A key to self-confidence is preparation. – Arthur Ashe


Let’s assume, you begin to chase your passion with the right practices, but push yourself to experiment with those skills but not the outcome the expected results. What is now? You sit back, learn from the mistakes and start again. Again fail, learn, and start again until you get the expected result. This process may be painful but when you fetch the final victory, you would see yourself the man of self-confidence. 

To establish true self-confidence, we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negatives in our lives. — Denis Waitley

Knowing how to build self-confidence is an equivalent to that of you started the mission already. Hence, here’s the 2 best article links which offers the simple but finest tips on to support more of your mission.

Goal Setting

The goal setting – Personal development tips to live a purposeful

Nothing happens by default but done. The things that are in your possession now, aren’t just come in to your possession but are solely attracted by you.

Success or failure is the very common factors of life. But, how would you measure either you succeed or failed unless having a specified goal?

How the Goal contribute to personal development?

Let’s take an example of football game. A team ensures ferocious practice, fitness and designs countless strategies just to push the ball into the goal post. You can’t imagine the football game without a goal post. The goal post is an inspiration and a motivation to each player.  As such life can’t be driven purposefully without goals. So the goals are the driving force of purposeful life.

Why the “goal setting” is so important

A sculptor spends lot of time, energy, knowledge and talent to create a beautiful sculpture. The sculptor’s efforts are turning into meaningful; the time the sculpture gets into the shape of his thought. Then the sculptor get satisfied when his goal of making a statue.

Think, what is your goal that brings satisfaction to your life?

Whatever you are aspiring to become, just think, is that really matters to you?

Think in the way, after 20 years or even you are at death bed you should feel great about you.

You must be very careful whilst setting goals. The goals must not be set just for the sake of any influences such as money, relationship, media, etc.…

Sit back quietly, relax, and erase all distractions one by one. Ask multiple questions like

  • Am I sure about my goal?
  • Do I believe or confident by myself that I can achieve that goal?
  • Am I made a decision to chase my goal?
  • Am I ready to dedicate myself to achieve my goal?
  • Am I able to visualize my goal?
  • What are could be the outcomes?
  • Am I ready to positively look the consequences (failure/success)?

How to set goals

Choosing Goals

Choosing a goal is so important than chasing a goal. Goal is not only the factor of motivation or inspiration but it should resurrect you the time and again. The time and when, think of your goal, you should feel excited and rejuvenated. You must choose such a goal.

Passion affiliated

Sit relax, spend time with you within you. Figure out what you are passionate about. Which profession that makes you to forget about everything else including yourself. Once you figured-out your passion set a goal which affiliated to your passion

You! Only by you

Your goal solely set by you! Only you. Do not allow someone to influence by setting your goal. Whoever they are but brave enough to say NO. You are open to discuss or consult with any of your well-wishers or mentors but eventually the goal should be derived and designed by you alone.

Think Big

You know about the setbacks that you may have to confront the process towards your goal which directs you to go with something easy. It is easy to settle down in mediocrity.

Don’t let anything that doubts your capabilities because, deep down you are very well aware of your greater potentials. Your thought directs your personal development. Think big!


When you set bigger or smaller goals, never forget to consider these below criteria’s.
S– Specific M – Measurable A – Achievable R – Relevant T – Time Bound


Patience – Tips to Improvise a rarely noticed personal development trait.

What is Patience?

Imagine you plant a rose seed in a pot and serve water and care enough for the plant. What will happen next? Of course, you have to wait for a few weeks. The waiting time results to enjoy the blooming of beautiful roses eventually.

Likewise, invest your efforts and wait for a certain period with hope to get gain out of it. This qualitative waiting period termed as patience.

A farmer planted the fern seed in one of his lands and planted a bamboo seed in another. He waters both the lands regularly. The fern started growing in a few weeks whereas the bamboo doesn’t have a sign of growth.

He watered the bamboo for a year but yet no sign of growing. He kept watered for five years with full faith. Bamboo started germinated and in six months it grew tall to 200 meters.

What made the farmer serve water to bamboo until five years? Because he knew, what is happening for those five years? It seems like nothing but deepening its roots. It needs such a solid root to rise those 200 feet and if the roots are not strong enough it will fall.  

Similarly, reaching those greater heights in life requires unwavering characteristics, talent and time. During this process, one may come across a bunch of failures, errors, disruptions, agony and all other painful moments of life. The one who never discouraged and sees these moments as an opportunity would eventually rises like a tall bamboo tree.   

Now, his patience pays back.

Why the patience is so important for personal development?

The technology made us experience instant results. But it doesn’t practically fit-in when things are revolving around real factors of life. All happenings of life consist of a certain process and the process takes its time to do them. Which, results nowhere but lose of hope if breached? But, if honored, the benefits are immense.

  • Some of the benefits you could gain out of patience are
  • Self control
  • Focus on details
  • Delayed gratification
  • Good health
  • Deep analysis and decision making

How do I become more patience person?

Find out the root cause

You cannot be impatient in all aspects of life. There would be certain points where you may feel discomfort or intolerance or nervous. List the areas when and where you observed to be impatient and trigger on the patient button. Remember, discomforts are the medium for progress!

Wisely use the waiting time

Once at the airport, Mother Teresa’s flight delayed for two hours. When she came to know the condition, she requested a place aside at airport premises to perform prayer and utilized the whole time by praying. You may also come across similar situations. Prepare you, how to use those situations too rather than being annoyed.

See the end-result

One becomes impatient when instant gratifications are habitual. Though, an instant result is fruitful at the moment but, doesn’t add value to long term objectives. Rather, instigate yourself to tolerate the temporary obstacles by visioning the prolific end-result.

Reading Habit

One common habit of the most successful people on the earth is reading. Reading books compose your thoughts into a particular content and regular practice of reading habits will amplify the level of patience by default.
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin.

Talk to yourself

If you wish a practice to become a habit, it must be accepted by your subconscious mind. Practice auto-suggestions or self-affirmations to recognize patience as your innate routine and acknowledged by the subconscious mind.


Our physical and mental dealings would be blocked when there is no peace in mind. Patience can’t be motivated while the mind is crumbled. Meditation or prayer is the best way to get through these blocks.

Expect the unexpected

You should develop a positive attitude as “all is well”. Anything negative comes in your way doesn’t mean that you are lost. Nature remains calm even after the cyclone. Same way, if adversities witnesses you just remain as “This too shall pass”.

Life transformation will never happen overnight. The world has seen the various versions of men; some become world-famous at the age of 15 and others reached in their late 80s. Do your best and wait for your turn.

Embrace Failure

The world may say you are a failure but nature doesn’t say the same if you can embrace the failures as an opportunity.

So many things registered in history that the thing initially rejected and later became a great success.

Reading the Failure stories of Successful People is great tips for your personal development

You have heard of Jack Ma, a Chinese successful entrepreneur who got rejected many times for a job after graduation. He applied for a police job, out of 24 men 23 got selected except him. He applied for a job in KFC out of 14 men 13 got selected except him. Ten times he rejected by Harvard University for teaching profession.

Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper company for not being creative.

Amitabh Bachan a legendary Indian actor was rejected by an Indian radio company for his husky voice. Later with the same voice he acquired millions of fans.

Jackie Chan a revolutionary martial artist and superstar actor was suffered from poverty during his childhood

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison and then became president of South Africa      

Oprah Winfrey a great talk show host and author suffered from repeated sexual abuse in her early teens and became a mother at the age of 14.

Sylvester Stallon a great action superstar in Hollywood, born paralyzed in the left lower part of his face. Many times rejected in his attempt to act in movies

Failure is an opportunity

So, there is no such thing as failure. It is a persistent learning process for those with the right attitude.

Ask yourself. Do you want to be a person who fears the failure or a person of success? If you pick success, there is nothing can stop you? The negative things people say will mean nothing for you. 

Most people quit not because of the failure but they missed to see the opportunities in those failures. As Edison says,

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Keep these words as mantra and repeat them every day in your life.


Tips given below on persistence are an inner engineer to gain personal development.

Imagine good health, a nice family, a good job with a handful of income and a wonderful life… with these abilities, anyone could be positive in their life. Unfortunately, these abilities are the pathways of mediocrity.

At times when you knocked out but get up with pain and stand still, this is where the growth takes place. It is proof of your will power rooted through your soul.

How to Build Persistence

It is easy to write a goal in a paper and dreaming of but the truth is one must need real persistence to turn any dreams into reality. This attribute is very rare to find among an average person. Most people wouldn’t anticipate the painful process during the journey when they begin. In the midway, they choose to carry through the easier way and eventually give-up.

If you are given a chance to choose one quality that virtually guarantees your success, the persistence should be your choice.

A survey says, numerous goals set and abandoned because of this one great quality that the people have never been developed. You don’t need the one among them because you are unique.

Master the persistence you can master anything in life. The following tips will help you to master your persistence.

Burning desire

“If you want to shine like the sun, burn like a sun”

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.”

These two quotes by Dr. Abdul Kalam.

The essence of these two quotes insist, If you have a desire and you give up anything for that desire and be persistence then, the nature prepares something better for you.

Short term goals

A marathon athlete has to run about 42 km for his world championship. Is that possible for an average person to run such a distance at the beginning? How does he come across such a huge task? The strategy is properly split up short-term goals with the set deadlines. The time and when he reaches the short-term goal are a new inspiration to extend the limit.

Will-power is the key

Recollect the most tough time in your life and how did you come through. I am sure; you would have centered your entire will-power to overcome the situation. Because that’s when you don’t have an option but to use your will-power as a tool to get through the tough time. But now, the problem is the powerful man mostly asleep within you, he needs a similar situation come out again. Do not let him sleep; let him be vigil by 24/7. He is the key holder of your persistence toward your dream.

Love the process not the result

Failures are ever the best teacher. The sign of the best student is to learn from the teacher. Every effort of yours will end up either success or failure. It doesn’t mean that everything you will win at the beginning but you always have a chance to learn the ways how not to lose. This learning process will be more interesting when you love the process of going through.


The tips given below are the wakeup call for your personal development through commitment

A famous magazine cartoonist in southern India lost his right hand by an accident. About six months his paintings couldn’t appear in the magazine and the magazine office was getting continuous mails from readers that they miss a lot to those cartoons.
For everyone’s surprise, the cartoons began publish again.
But the readers couldn’t believe that these are not from the original cartoonist as he lost his right hand.
To clear all the readers’ doubts, the cartoonist appeared in an interview. He revealed that he lost his right hand but for the past six months he practiced to paint in his left hand.
How could this be possible by an artist to paint without the right hand? Because, his commitment to continue the profession made him back as a same cartoonist.

Comfort vs. Commitment

If you are looking for convenience, obviously you will find reasons, excuses, and stories to support your convenience and that’s become your habit. But when you committed to achieve a specific goal you will see that comfort as a disgrace.

It is a battle between your comfort zone and commitment. You have to take a call on which one will benefit you in the long run and make you successful.

Success simply cannot fetch unless solid efforts. Just sneaking behind your goal doesn’t make any value rather you must feel that YOU and YOUR DREAM are attached as one. This is the kind of commitment that you required to success in your life.

Have you ever observed the wild-fire? The fire catches every leaf that comes across on its way. Your commitment should be the way like wild-fire. Every ounce of your day should be an outcome of your dream.

Do not have mercy to distractions which makes you compromise on your commitment to your goal. Think about what you wanted to be and distract those distractions. Never give up until you experience your excellence.


The world’s top two richest men’s Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were asked to write down one thing that is important for success. It was later revealed that both these iconic entrepreneurs wrote the same word… FOCUS. The best personal development tips ever on success for being focused.

I am pretty sure that if the same question is asked to any other successful leaders, most would reply the same.

How focus helps on personal development?

A few years ago, two of my friends shared their interest upon body-building and both joined a world-class gym and were doing work-out regularly.

Two years passed, I observed as one of my friends had huge different as professional body-builder.  Whereas, the other one doesn’t look any difference from how he was earlier. When enquired, both revealed a similar routine on food, sleep and workout time at the gym. I wondered how come the same formula works for one but not the other.

I went to know more in detail and later understood the reason. The reason being, both spend 2 hours daily at the gym but one friend works-out the whole 2 hours focused hitting gym. Whereas, the other friend spends two hours but distracted by mobile, chatting, music, etc.

Broken focus syndrome

“Too many priorities are is equal to no priorities” such a way… “Focus on many things is as equal to no focus”.

A survey says, people in developed countries looking at their smartphone average of 112 times in the day. They are suffering in the form of surfing their mobile phones. The people get addicted to believing it is their survival. One may say, it is the easy way of acquiring knowledge but the truth is they may have an idea about something but that can’t be said as knowledge.

A small video snippet from social media can take away your focus. You become a victim to flow the money for their business by watching these useless snippets.

It doesn’t mean you fully ignore social media but utilize it to supports your growth. 

How to practice focus?

“Hey! Focus on your work”. This phrase, you might have been hearing since your life that someone is saying to you or even you have been said to your family, kids or friends but have you ever heard someone saying “how to focus?”

The focus develops by practice and that’s become a habit. But the question is – are we practicing focus or distractions?  

Distractions are the more we practice than focus. So, you can’t focus on something. So the solution is – firstly, eliminate all your distractions. Secondly, focus to do one thing at a time and continue to practice the same.

Focus Formula to Personal Development

Write all your priorities, list out the topmost priorities as ascending order and implement

Focus is an instrument of your mind which extracts the other distracting factors to reach your specific objective within the stipulated time. Fortunately, there are techniques available that can advance your higher degree of focus. Here’s the one technique for you

“Do One Priority for Continuous 90 Days for Two Hours Daily In the Morning”


Decision Making

Tips for decision making, a life changer personal development trait.

One of the Vital Personal Development Characteristic

M.S.Dhoni an Indian cricketer had a crucial time in his life to make the right decision whether to continue his current job in Indian Railways or pursue his dream as a sportsman.

The battle between choosing the life-time secured job and his passionate sport with no guaranty that he would shine. The family pressures to go with the job.

He was puzzled. He took the ultimate risk and decided to pursue his passion as a cricketer.

Now, M.S.Dhoni is a legendary sportsman of world cricket.

Making Simple Decision

A dream cannot be turned into reality until it’s followed by a firm decision.

In your life cycle, you would be having choices when choosing things like picking the right clothes at the shopping mall, selecting a mobile phone and buying a car. You would often be confronting situations like this or that or something else. Sometimes, you could think, you could have taken the other one.  

These simple things don’t make any big impacts as you have an option to replace them.

Though, the loss of money, energy and time during the course is already lost. The loss is a loss. But if you were in a bit more cautious enough to make the right decision as to what to choose, you could have prevented those losses.  

Anyhow, At least you learned something not to repeat as these losses don’t impact much in life matters. That’s ok. But what if some important factors of life such as choosing your life-partner, selecting your profession?

A decision will change your life either way as the top of the world or drop you from the cliff. This is why, the decision making is an at most personal development quality

On the other hand, you can’t stand still by procrastinating or fearing the impact of the decision. Fortunately, there are guidelines on how to make the right decisions.

How to make decisions

Once, a group of our friends discussed with our mentor on decision making. He asked us, on many occasions you had to go with one single decision and it is easy to make decisions between

·        Small or big decisions
·        right or wrong decisions
What if the decision between right and right (both are right and important) and how one needs to proceed?
As we couldn’t answer, he revealed the secret of decision making.
He said “Accept the favorable and Reject the unfavorable”.
So, he shot another question, how do you distinguish between favorable and unfavorable?
The group answered the decision which gives happiness is favorable.
He said, NO and revealed the mantra of decision making
“If a decision that contributes to your GOAL is favorable”.

If your decisions contributes to your goal or the vision behind your goal is the RIGHT DECISION. The decision making should not chase your temporary so-called worldly happiness but get your goal at least a macro level.

Anger Management

Tips for managing anger – a personal development trait that brings more peace and harmony in your life.

A small boy tends to get angry with people all around at home and at school. His mother so worried about his nature thus he becoming wild in times. She advised a lot but the boy doesn’t listen to her. While the boy getting the impression that his temper carries him fear and respect from others and he begins to believe it.

While his mother decided to take him to a spiritual guru for counseling and booked an appointment to meet the guru at the monastery. Over the phone, she explained everything about the boy.
Both mother and a boy visited the monastery and sat before the guru. The guru asked a boy to bring a wooden piece hanging on the wall and the iron nails just near in to a box. He brought a square-shaped beautiful wooden piece and hand full of iron nails and sat before the guru. The guru instructed one of his followers to bring a hammer and give it to the boy.

The guru instructed the boy to hammer the nails into a wooden piece as many as he could. As the task was so funny and interesting, he finished the task quickly and handed the nail fixed wooden piece over to guru. Now, the guru gave him a nail remover and asked to remove all nails from the wooden piece. An annoyed boy but with no option removed all the nails. The tough work made him exhausted.

The guru asked the boy to sit before him and placed the worse looked wooden piece, unshaped removed nails, and the hammer. The guru told the boy to look at the wooden piece and asked what he understood. The boy kept silence as he couldn’t realize anything.

The guru says to the boy,” dear child, I gave you a beautiful piece of wood and nails and of course you return me everything but why the wooden piece looks so unpleasant now?” The boy kept silence still. The guru continued saying, “the same way your anger that would hurt others and you as well”.

The nails are your anger and the wooden piece is the feelings of other people. When you hurt them through your anger you mark negative impressions in others’ feelings. It is very tough to regain their trust though you try to heal them later. The same attitude may revert you someday and it would be more painful than anything.

The boy realized and promised to guru and his mother to correct his mistake.

The moral of the story is simple but powerful as the anger doesn’t bring any worth but disruption to your life whereas managing your anger adds great values over to self and other relationships.

Controlling Anger Lead to Your Personal Development

Imagine that you are driving a car on a village road. In villages, there is no road traffic control and you too have no control over the road. There is a possibility that anything like cattle, a child, a truck could pass across. There is possibility for an accident unless you don’t have control over your driving system.

Such a way, anger is an act that exists outside of your mind. It doesn’t pass through you unless accept. Be conscious on yourself to control your anger.

Apply these 9 exceptional personal development traits and tips given in the whole article. Each traits are important one or others way depending on situation.

Thanks for reading. stay blessed.

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