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If you have a job interview coming up with ITC, or you are the one who aspires to know about the company this blog post has all the details about the ITC company

Sun Feast, Bingo, Classmate, Ashirwad Atta, Minto Fresh, Fiyama, Vivel Savlon, and many more brands in different sectors all handled by just one Indian conglomerate ITC but how did ITC build this huge empire. This is what we tell you in this blog post along with many mind-blowing details about the ITC company.

Let’s start from #1 the basic information…

The Basic Details about ITC

ITC was founded on 24 august 1910 i.e 110 years ago. ITC headquarters in Virginia House, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

The current leadership is Mr. Sanjiv Puri. He is the Chairman & MD of the ITC group.

The company has over 36500 direct employee-strength and the company supports over 6 million livelihoods through various activities

ITC listed as # 36 fortune 500 India list and consistent in this position between 35 – 38 since 2010

The company has over 200 manufacturing units and 100+ hotels across 70 locations.


Laying down the strong foundation initially known as the Imperial Tobacco Company was incorporated in 1910 with its first office in Kolkata.

Later in 1913, the company launched its state-of-the-art tobacco factory in Bangalore. On its 16th birthday, ITC bought land in Kolkata for a new office to mark the beginning of an eventful journey into India’s future today. The office is known as Virginia house one of Kolkata’s most important landmarks. As of mid-2020, ITC’s tobacco business contributed around 74 percent to its profit. 

Small initiatives turning big. In 1925 ITC had set up a printing and packaging business as an aid to its cigarette business now apart from making cigarette boxes ITC also worked with brands such as Nokia, Colgate Pamela, Tata Tea, and many more for packaging. Today it’s India’s most sophisticated packaging house number three venturing into the luxury hospitality business.

In 1975 ITC ventured into the hotel business by acquiring a hotel in Chennai which is now known as My Fortune Today. ITC has set a bar for luxury hotels with four brands namely ITC Hotels Luxury Collection, Welcome Hotels Fortune Hotels, and Welcome Heritage as a part of its international expansion plan. 

As of today, ITC manages more than 100 hotels at 70 destinations.

Back in 1910, it was W.D. & H.O. Wills a British-based tobacco manufacturing company, the first British company to mass-produce cigarettes, and one of the founding companies of ITC along with John Player & Sons.

  • The company initially named Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited in 1910
  • Later in 1970, it named India Tobacco Company Limited 
  • Now, the company stands renamed ITC Limited
  • ITC was converted into a Public Limited Company on 27 October 1954
  • Ajit Narain Haskar became the first Indian chairman in 1969



ITC leads in reducing carbon emissions and consistently works towards expanding its positive carbon footprint through energy conservation and the use of renewable sources of energy. In fact, 43 percent of the total source of ITC’s energy requirement is renewable. ITC is the only company in the world to be 15 years carbon positive, 18 years water positive, and 13 years solid waste recycling positive.

Doing business while being environmentally friendly a lot of cigarettes and FMCG products need a lot of packaging, cartons, electrical insulation, papers, decorative laminate writing, and printing papers – ITC makes all of it.

Even in the stationary market, ITC has about 25 market shares under the name classmate which has a consumer spend of over 1500 crore rupees but to manufacture these a lot of wood is required. To overcome the depletion of wood ITC has developed a farm plantation program where it offers saplings to farmers at a nominal fee along with extensive support and knowledge for efficient planting.

The company also provides farmers with a buy-back guarantee once the tree matures. However, farmers

are free to sell the wood toward this too. As of March 2020, it has plantations standing over eight lakh acres.

Digitizing and empowering the agribusiness. ITC’s agri-business division is one of India’s largest exporters of agricultural commodities helping about 4 million farmers with each by providing them with internet access. This initiative helps in informing and empowering the farmers to improve the quality of agricultural goods. There are 35000 villages in 10 states each installation serves an average of 600 farmers.

Turn small divisions into full-fledged companies in 2000. ITC’s information technology business

division was spun off into a wholly-owned subsidiary ITC Infotech India Limited. Today it’s one of the fastest-growing global i.t services companies providing outsource IT solutions.

ITC also made it into the list of the world’s top 100 outsourcing companies of 2020.


ITC Products

  • From food to cosmetics, every Indian household has ITC products without fail. Some of the top brands of ITC are
    • FOODS
  • Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Bingo!, Kitchens of India, YiPPee!, B Natural, mint-o, Candyman, GumOn, Fabelle, Sunbean, Sunfeast Wonderz Milk, ITC Master Chef, Farmland
  • Essenza Di Wills, Dermafique, Fiama, Vivel, Engage, Superia, Nimyle, Nimwash, Savlon, Shower to Shower, Charmis
    • Classmate, Papercraft
    • AIM, Mangaldeep, Homelite
    • WLS (wills lifestyle)


ITC invests in many social contributions from farmers to energy savings such as  

e-Choupal Ecosystem, Afforestation Programme, Watershed Development Programme, Sustainable Agriculture, Livestock Development, Women Empowerment, Primary Education, Skills & Vocational Training, Health & Sanitation, Solid Waste Management,

About 43% of ITC’s energy consumption is met from renewable energy sources


Out of 1500 Reviews, 1170 Reviews stated positively about ITC company i.e 78% of the reviews are positive

78% – Positive

  • Good company to work with the friendly environment” 
  • “Work culture is fantastic”


  • According to the 2020 report ITC hit revenue of Rs.52,713 crore with a net income profit of Rs.15,306 crore with a 21.55% profit rate
  • ITC is the 15th top companies with a large market capitalization is in India

More about ITC

Excelling without an owner. When you think of reliance you get a picture of Ambani. If you think of Tata Motors you get a picture of Ratan Tata but what about ITC? well, it’s a professionally managed company with zero percent promoter holding.

Ramping up the game in FMCG, although the cigarette business still brings most of the profits ITC is rapidly expanding its presence in the FMCG sector. Its FMCG products reach every second household in India. During the financial year, 2020 ITC launched 60 new products in the non-cigarette fast-moving consumer goods segment. Its sales have also increased year-on-year.

ITC made it to the list of top market cap companies in India with a wide variety of products and services

multiple brands making things from biscuits, flour, perfumes, matchsticks and providing services in IT, hospitality, and the giant tobacco business.

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