Amazon recruitment process: Mastering amazon interview

Amazon recruitment process is a highly structured job interview stages to choose precise applicants from the large candidate pool. The world’s top internet company receives millions of job applications upon its job requirements, as a candidate you must well-versed in the amazon hiring process to stand out among the competition.

Here we have organized the Amazon recruitment and selection process which will give you the clarity to proceed further to crack the Amazon interview.

Amazon recruitment process

Amazon recruitment process

Once you applied for a job online on the Amazon job site yet you need to wait for a while to get a call from the Amazon company recruitment team. And, this will take some time as per the amazon interview process. If your application grabbed the amazon recruiter’s attention, you will be called for the next round of the interview process.

Once your application has been shortlisted, you would receive a communication from Amazon for further processes.

Now, the amazon hiring process begins for you. The interview process breaks down into multiple stages as mentioned below.

  1. Online assessment test
  2. Multiple Phone screening
  3. On-site interview
  4. Hiring manager round
  5. Bar-raiser round
  6. Review and offer decision

Stage #1 – Online assessment / written test 

The interview process starts with an online written test. The purpose of this test to validate your logical and technical skills. The test has two sections with a time duration of 90 minutes.

The first section is an aptitude / logical test of questions from C, C++, Operating System, inheritance, Data Structure, functions. The questions are generally in MCQ format (Multiple choice questions).

The second section is an online coding round. In this section, you will have 2-3 programming questions to solve. It will be easier to clear this round if you have a strong understanding of data structure questions such as arrays, strings, and matrices.

Sample questions

What comes next in series 8, 15, 12, 19, 16, 23?

a.30, b.20, c.26, d.31 – Answerb. 20

Explanation Pattern: 8+7=15-3 = 12+7=19-3=16+7=23-3=20

Stage #2 – Phone screening

Once completed the online assessment, your application will be taken to the next phone screening test. The phone test may have one or more rounds depending upon the position. In this round, you will be expected to answer questions on behavioral and programming problems. This interviewer will be a recruiter team or technical hiring manager. This amazon interview round will validate you for a further level of the recruitment process.

Stage#3 – Onsite interviews 

Amazon onsite interviews have multiple rounds which include technical interviews, behavioral interviews, and hiring manager interviews. Note: Due to COVID19 all interviews are conducted in virtual interviews.

For the technical interview,

You ought to be acquainted with the syntax of languages together with Java, Python, C#, C/C++, or Ruby. You should also recognize technical nuances, most normally used collections, libraries, and so forth.

Good to have a better knowledge of data structure, Algorithms, Coding, Object Oriented Design, Database, Distributed computing, Operating systems, Internet Topics, General machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Behavioral interview questions 

that you may have a separate round or anywhere between the interviews. The best tip is, you must aware of 14 amazon leadership principles. Because all behavioral questions are revolving around these principles and this you will be observed in the whole amazon recruitment and selection process.

Hiring manager interview

One of the intense technical interview rounds to validate your full potential. The questions range from the latest technology, your previous projects, problem-solving abilities, and leadership traits.

HR Round

An Interview process to verify you with the Amazon cultural fit, attitude, and other employment-related questions.

Sample Question

  • Do you consider yourself successful?
  • Are you willing to travel?
  • What are your salary expectations? 
  • What are your greatest strengths and weakness?
  • What motivates you? 
  • Tell me about your dream job.
  • Tell me a little about yourself. 
  • Why do you want to work with Amazon?
  • What do you know about Amazon?

Bar-raise round

A last trickiest interview process at Amazon. In this round, one of the well-trained interviewers who are not part of the relevant hiring team will evaluate the candidate. They spot the real potentials of a candidate, their strengths, weaknesses, and find if the candidate is the right fit for the company.

Review and offer decision

Once done with all interviews, the compiled report will be generated for each candidate. With final authorization by the respective senior official, the offer decision will be made.

Amazon recruitment preparation tips

Now you are clear with the Amazon recruitment and selection process. Hence, your move is to prepare for an Amazon interview. Here below the basic things, you should be aware of as a job applicant.

The primary aspect to be known is the leadership principles. Amazon uses them every day to come up with ideas and to helps solve problems. They’re one of the things that make Amazon peculiar. It’s important to be familiar with the Leadership Principles because these are the criteria against which you’ll be assessed. This leads us onto

Behavioral-based questions. At Amazon, it takes courage to deliver things no-one thought possible. This is why Amazon focuses to know about your past experiences. In your interview, you should be prepared to think back on your past career achievements. And tell the interviewer about any challenges, problems you faced, and unique situations.

The STAR answer method. It’s a simple method you can use to tell us about past challenges you’ve dealt with.

  • The context of your example first, describe the SITUATION,
  • Then describe the TASK or the goal you were working towards.
  • Next, tell us what ACTION you took.
  • And finally, tell us what RESULTS in you achieved.

Amazon recruitment: Additional info

How long is the amazon hiring process timeline ?

Amazon career site denotes that it takes 2 business days to communicate with the candidate after the phone interview. Whereas, it takes 5 business days to hear back from amazon’s onsite interview. Overall time line it may take about 4 to 6 weeks for amazon hiring process timeline.

What is the recruitment process for freshers and experienced at amazon?

The above-mentioned interview process is typical for both fresher and experienced candidates. Though, the interview process may vary slightly depends upon the positions.


Amazon recruitment process is focused on hiring the right candidate, rather than hiring quickly. Teams discover applicants who can deliver quality service on behalf of customers. So, as a candidate, you should be prepared for amazon interviews.

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