All about Ad Posting Job – a complete work from home job guide

This article is written with an intention to clear all your common doubts what is about Ad Posting Job online and its related queries.

Ad posting job, one of the widely known work from home jobs category utilize by the online freelancer community. 

It is a simple online job that can be done almost by everyone who has a basic knowledge of computers and the internet. 

What is ad posting job online

As the name indicates, you collect the details of a particular advertisement and post them into various classified sites. The classified sites can be of free or paid sites based on job provider’s requirement. 

How does Ad posting job works 

As many ads posted for a specific product or service the brand awareness thrives much faster. In simple terms, it is one of the easy ways of brand marketing. 

Business organizations, specifically the small establishments don’t prefer to do the work by themselves as the work is repetitive and time-consuming. So these jobs would be given to particular organizations that are already experts in this job. 

Ad posting job – income 

Since the Ad Posting job is a simple work, you can post an average of 50 to 100 in a day within the time limit of 2 to 5 hours absolutely based on your capability. The pay-out varies from place to place and of course by the terms of job-provider and applicant. 

Advantage and Disadvantages in Ad posting job

Advantages of Ad posting job

  1. It is one of the easiest online jobs that you could even start immediately by observing some YouTube videos 
  2. You can start doing Part-time in your own convenience and not leaving your present job
  3. Anyone can do the work but highly suitable for housewives, students and the people have little time spend on extra earnings. 

Disadvantages of Ad posting job

1) Though it is said to be an opportunity, many scams are observed online. You must undergo thorough verification of the authenticity of the job provider and then move on to work.

2) Beware of companies that claim the money in the name of the registration fee. Don’t be a victim of such groups. You could vastly find genuine online Ad Posting job providers if time spent on research before getting into work.

3) The work you spend on time and earn some money but it doesn’t make any sense of additional information or knowledge. Not suitable for those seeking knowledge and development.

Requirements for becoming a Ad posting job freelancer

  1. Personal laptop / Computer
  2. Internet facility
  3. Good in typing and internet surfing are advantageous 

Start your own Ad Posting to make your home career job

There are many businesses seeking qualitative ad posting vendors. You can use this opportunity and become one as a freelance ad posting agent. 

Use the online platforms to build your network. For example, become a member of Facebook groups that are free to connect people. Find small business entities (such as restaurants, engineering shops, pharmacies) who really need marketing support in order to develop their business. Render the quality service by their feet. This win-win approach will lead to success in your Ad Posting freelancing journey.

Uses of Online Classified ads
  • Brand Management
  • Free Advertisement
  • Increase Visibility
  • Boosts Online Identify

How to do Ad Posting Job – Step by Step Guide

How to do Ad Posting Job – Step by Step

  1. Search from Google

    Find out the classified ad sites in your location. For example, if your location is India, search in Google as “top free classified ads in India”
    search Free classified sites in Google

  2. Choose the classified website

    Google shall present you hundreds of classified websites. In this result, I am choosing a link below. Free Classified Sites List in India 2020-2021 and selecting the classified site listed on top for the demo purpose. 
    Choose classified site for ad posting

  3. Select Categories

    Choose the Main Category and subcategory listed on the website. (Note-This option may vary from each website.) And continue to the next field.
    choose category in classified ad posting

  4. Location Select

    Choose the location where the Ad needs to circulate and continue to the next field

    choose location fo classified ad posting

  5. Title & Description

    Write an appropriate title for the post you are making and write the description followed by the title.
    Write title & descrition

  6. Contact Details

    Mention your contact details to which anyone wishes to be in touch with you on your business or service. The following contact details are important to mention
    Phone Number, Email ID & Office Address
    ad posting contact details

  7. Business Images

    This field is worth it if you add some nice images relevant to your business or services because better images reach faster than words.

    business image for ad post

  8. Choose – Free or Featured Ad

    The next option is to choose Ads as free or featured ads. Feature (cost involved) ads reach faster than the Ads posted for free. It is absolutely based on your requirements. 
    featured ad posting

  9. Email Confirmation

    After all these steps your Ad will post successfully and the email will be sent to your corresponding email addressAd posting successful

Preparation: It would be easy, if the details such as title, content, contact, etc are readily available in a separate sheet before the ad posting.

Conclusion: As already mentioned, Ad posting job is one easy Work from Home based job for those seeking for extra money without leaving their present job. Consider the aforementioned inputs to start right away. All the best!

Some of the Classified sites in India


Bonus Tips

Ads Viewing Jobs

What is Ads viewing job and how does it works?

Ads viewing jobs, also called as Ads Watching Jobs or Ads Clicking Jobs.

Ads viewing job, it is a kind of job that you can earn money just by clicking and viewing the ads in different websites. I.e. the internet users visit these websites to click and watch the paid advertisements. Based on websites payment terms, you will be paid for watching these ads.

There are plenty of websites which offers ads viewing jobs opportunity to make income.

How does ads viewing jobs works?

The big companies want their products and services to be seen by common people. Thus, these projects have been given to the ad agencies. The ad agencies collaborate with the big companies for promoting their products and services. These promotional ads are published in their websites and they charge some percentage from their income to the viewers who click and view these ads.

There is no maximum value as to how many ads you can view.  

While you may be unsure how much money you can earn by ads viewing jobs online. The earning prospective can be very gainful really. You do not have to give your opinion all you have to do is view the ad and get paid.

The companies will provide you with several links to different websites. Your job is to open the links and watch them for 30 seconds or as per term and condition. And, these companies have the technology to track the link and send payment to you as per the record.

Beware of Scammers

This is just to give you a brief sample of the ways how does the ads viewing job online and make money. But you might want to watch out for scammers. Yes, there are scammers too. Make sure you check everything before begin your ads viewing jobs.