Grow today and that brings success tomorrow. The word ‘grow’ means your self development skills within yourself the way you wanted to be.

self development skills

What is self development skills?

You have the goal to reach in your life but, the present life condition does not allow you to go further to become one what you wanted to be. As a person you need to focus on self development skills to reach where you ought to reach.

The goal might differ from one person to another depends upon the wish of their life but the process is same for everyone. Therefore, to attain your greater goals you must adhere the personal qualities.

Self development is when you decide to expand some of the skills, qualities, abilities and the traits that are available for you. You develop some skills or attributes today in order to make a better version of yourself for tomorrow.

Even the organization expects the self development attributes from their employees. This is why, they have a separate attitude related interview questions to ask their job applicants.

There are three major skill that are fundamental for self development. So, what are those ? Let’s discover.

Love Yourself

Let me ask you a simple but a tougher question.

Who the person you love the most in this world?

Be honest and respond to yourself. If the answer is someone else then you, it’s a time to reorganize your thought process.  Make an alternative to rank yourself as first person that you love. And, push that someone next to you.

Now at that time, a king was pondering of the purpose of love in human well being. He spent years to figure out an appropriate answer. He consulted scholars and yogis but he convinced nowhere. He proceeded to forest alone to find the cause. 

The process made him as weak. As he hasn’t had food for several days, so fell fainted mid of the jungle. A passer by old woman helped him by providing food and water to save his life.

While leaving, the women gave a piece of advice saying, “Son, it seems you are looking something for a long time. But remember, you find nothing unless you care yourself first”

The water and food rejuvenated his body and the women’s wishful words refreshed his mind.  The king realized, the thing he was searching was not somewhere external but within.

Thank Universe:

Believe that none of the creatures in this universe exist without purpose. You have been given a time frame called life to accomplish your purpose here and you must do that. Find out your purpose of life and go ahead.

Don’t compare with others:

Comparing others with you is a crime that you commit to killing your self-esteem.   Keep reminding yourself, the finest accomplishment of your life and be proud of your best version. Believe that you are unique the way you already.

Maintain superior health:

An old Indian saying signifies, “nurture your body, and grow up your life”. Every task in this life can be accomplished by the way of doing things through your body either physical or emotional.

It is imperative to find out the ways to engage yourself in physical activities at least an hour in a day to rejuvenate body and keep it energized by having nutritious diet.

Find out what you love to do:

Value of life is all about how you use your time. If you could do something with extreme passion, with no supervision and even without considering time limitations, that’s your loving line of work. Spend most of your time on that one aspect and not to worry about others.

No Grudge:

The moment you hold bitterness on others, that poisons your pure nature into pessimism. Sharing love shows the way to seed more love within.

Quality people around:

“One Best Book is equal to Hundred Friend; One Good Friend is equal to a Library.” Carefully choose the people with whom you wanted to be associated.  The quality of the people around you is more important than the quantity.

You’ve got to love yourself first. You’ve got to be okay on your own before you can be okay with somebody else.– Jennifer Lopez


What is self belief?

All your actions are motivated by the basic element called your self-belief. It is a prime force and a driving engine that operates human experience.

If you consider destiny or God or nature or whatever you believe is responsible for the happenings of your life, here is the message for you.

God is just an observer and is ready to assist the way your beliefs and actions fall in place. If you want your life to be the way you wish, don’t scare to believe yourself crazily!

How self development co-relates with self belief?

Once, a poor launderer John had been washing clothes in the riverside. While rinsing a cloth, he caught up a coin by the passing water. He was highly surprised by the coin because it is an Adhir (a divine coin). A rare bronze coin and people had a belief that if the coin comes to someone’s possession he would be rich and successful.

John kept the coin with high secrecy even unknown to his own family.  He packed the coin by a piece of cloth, sealed it well. He would carry the coin with him wherever he goes and often would touch to feel the impression of the coin and resume the day.
Few years passed, John becomes very rich and successful as one of the influential men in the town.

One fine day, he thought to clean the coin and repack it by a new cloth. It was a big shock to him when he unpacked the coin; the coin was just a normal one but not an Adhir. Out of high frustration, he called out all of his family for an inquiry. He yelled everyone at the peak. Finally, with no option left, his wife come front and confessed as it was her mistake and said “oh John! One night I was dusting your shirt while the pack flew away through the window. I couldn’t find it back even after serious search. As not to disappoint you at the moment replaced a fake pack in your shirt”. John impatiently asked, “when did this happen?”

He realized, it is not the divine coin that made him rich but of his SELF BELIEF.

4 simple ways to improve your self-belief

1.   Know Your Value

Among millions of species in this universe, humans are highly organized by nature. Only the human can reshape this planet, by the way, it was in the past and transformed the way now it is as wished by the humans. Likewise, you can transform yourself without any limitation once you realize the value of yourself. Knowing your value offers confidence to self-belief and that leads to your self development.

2.   Feel Blessed

Everyone has their pros and cons in their character, personal life, and profession. If you start comparing your cons with someone’s pros, you don’t get time to experience life’s journey. The time when you think of your problems others may jealous of your blessings. Self believing requires self-pride and your blessings make you feel pride.

3.   Focus Yourself

The world has full of distractions by the mode of people, technology, and of course by your thoughts. The whole humankind acts upon the way direct by these elements. You are not even given the chance to think of own inner sense. Enhance the skill to focus on own self in deep would penalize all these elements and make them as your servant. That why focus is the key element of self development.

4.   Optimize your thoughts

The more you think of something the higher you start to believe the same. Your thoughts are like a guide that indicates the way in or out to your belief system. Even the great kingdom trip over to misery by a poor leadership thought.

Be cautious about your thoughts and actions and take them under your control. Turn your thinking capacity into the most optimized genre. Hence, your strong beliefs fall in place the way you direct.

Love yourself no matter who you are or where you come from.– Diane Guerrero


Depicted as one of the skills for self development to realign your abilities.

This planet already has about 8 billion people. Out of which, only very few, we call them as successful. Somehow, we all wanted to be successful but success doesn’t consider all of us. Why? Don’t we deserve to be as one?

Certainly, every one of us deserves to be successful if willing to pay attention to develop the attributes of which the success demands. Self-discipline is the most significant requisite for success

What is Self-discipline and does it helps to self development?

We might have noticed that we wanted to complete a task but tend to forget or miss the task as scheduled. Often, we get through these sorts of happenings and this becomes a habit in time.

Most of the time, we don’t even aware of the impact of this simple but life-ruining habit. It just not about the task but our character on how do we make excuses. The self-disciplined person is well aware of these excuses and knew how to eliminate them too.

Why self-discipline is so important for self development?

The real meaning of winning is arising within you. For instance, you set an alarm by 5.30am, the alarm hits as scheduled. Your hands extend to shut-off the alarm, your whole body says “I need more sleep”, the mind drags you towards bed, what’s next? If you break all these obstacles and get up like an Iron Man, you begin to count your first victory of the day. Your sense of self-discipline made your first task as victorious.

If success is your purpose the Self-discipline is the tool. So knowing how to develop self-discipline will help you to reach your goal as defined. Hence, the following simple tips to support your mission on self-discipline.

Have clear and bigger goals

You have been heard that the military forces are a well-known high degree of self-discipline and they love to be as such. The secret behind their love for being discipline is their higher and bigger goal to protect the country.

100% Responsibility

Taking responsibility is one of the prime leadership qualities. Which means, you necessarily don’t want to lead a team but leading your own and take responsible for your life? Emphasis yourself as you alone are responsible for what you are now and what you will be in the future.

Decide when you have higher will-power

Setting a goal all of a sudden without predicting the consequences would be like a melting ice-cream in summer which results, you will lose your self-confidence. Decide the self-disciplined tasks when you have higher will-power that it should set in the root of your mind.

Believe you can

Impossibilities turn as possible by the time when you believe that you can do. Have no doubt your abilities. Simply believe and you worth it.

Make it as a pleasure

Self-discipline is good. However, it shouldn’t become as stress factor of your life. Because when you attempt any tasks with discipline you must feel excited. So, make it as pleasure and do not push all at once.


Figure out the distracting factors such an electronic gadget, media, gossiping and eliminate them from your routine to make a higher focus on your tasks

Focus on smaller actions

Focus on smaller tasks, achieve them and celebrate that tiny success. These smaller actions develop your self-loving attitude.

If you do not love yourself, well, you cannot do anything well.– Nawal El Saadawi

I’ve always practiced this: Love yourself. Move your body. Watch your portions.– Richard Simmons


Here in this article, we have covered the fundamental traits of self development. All these traits are portrayed as skills because these traits requires self development practices.

It is time for the wake up within you. Break all those closed doors that you believed as obstacles. Practice these skills to nurture your self development. Consciously check every bit of your beliefs that convert into reality. If it doesn’t fall into the way as you wish to change, make a new belief. 

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